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Learn about our commitments for a sustainable future.

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Innovation, technology, sustainability, and impact

Through our programs focused on generating positive impact, we empower future leaders by teaching effective techniques that create solutions to social and environmental challenges.

We are leading educational innovation for entrepreneurship and sustainability


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activities for entrepreneurs with more than 9,000 attendees.


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Alumni, 74 international chapters, 12 territorial chapters, and 24 cross-club chapters.

  • Tomas Waisman

    Tomas Waisman

    Participant, Esade Fusion Point, CBI 2023 Program and Esade MBA student

    "As an MBA student, I was given the opportunity to create, together with a team of engineers and designers, a prototype that empowers individuals and governments to prevent air pollution and improve air quality. This project goes beyond finance and economics and shows how to understand and create dynamic systems and maximize sustainable benefits".

  • George Chondrakis

    George Chondrakis

    Director, EEI - Esade Entrepreneurship Institute

    “Entrepreneurship is an art and a science. We study entrepreneurship to identify the best practices and the startup configurations that are most likely to survive”.

  • Irene Unceta

    Irene Unceta

    Academic director of the Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business

    “This new degree is a great opportunity to have the best of both worlds. You study the business aspects and therefore consider the impact of your job – while also focusing on developing more technical skills. It offers a unique balance between both”.


Learn about how we promote knowledge and new solutions to current and future challenges.

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Opening the black box: The right to transparent algorithms

Algorithms will increasingly influence our ability to access services, yet we know less and less about how they work and why they make the decisions they make. how can we work towards greater transparency?

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Artificial Intelligence: Technological revolution or existential threat?

The crucial challenge of AI is not technical, but human. Its deployment will depend on our individual and collective capacity to design prosperous futures.

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Where are the green jobs of the future?

The green jobs of the future will not be limited to the energy industry. Large technology companies and computing services are already leading investment in renewable sources.


EQUAL4EUROPE, led by Esade, develops good practices to promote gender equality in research and higher education institutions

The handbook summarises the main findings of the project after four years of work. EQUAL4EUROPE is funded by the European Commission and undertaken by eight international partner institutions led by E...

Daniel Traça Esade

Daniel Traça, new Esade Director General

Daniel Traça holds a PhD in Economics from Columbia University (New York) and an undergraduate degree in the same field from the Nova School of Business and Economics (Lisbon), where he is currently P...

Informe Económico y FInanciero

Lack of investment could reduce growth rate of Spain’s economy in 2024, says Esade

According to the authors of the Esade Economic and Financial report, drafted with help from Banco Sabadell, the post-Pandemic upturn in Spain has come to an end. They highlight Spain’s economic growth...

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Thursday 15 February 2024
El ejercicio del liderazgo sostenible 18:30h In person | Esade Barcelona Register, El ejercicio del liderazgo sostenible
Thursday 15 February 2024
Liderazgo y estrategias de las empresas referentes en impacto social 09:00h In person | Esade Madrid Register, Liderazgo y estrategias de las empresas referentes en impacto social
Tuesday 27 February 2024
¿Cómo va a impactar la inteligencia artificial generativa en la relación abogado - cliente? 09:00h In person | Esade Madrid Register, ¿Cómo va a impactar la inteligencia artificial generativa en la relación abogado - cliente?