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The Bachelor’s in Transformational Leadership and Social Impact is the undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship and business innovation that will allow you to make a positive impact.



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We promote talent through education with specific programs in technology, entrepreneurship and sustainability that positively impact participants, companies, and society.

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Esade is a global institution focused on the professional and personal development of international leaders looking to make an impact on the world.
Our talent comes from around the globe and our educational experience is based on the pillars of diversity and multiculturalism.


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of students (97%, in the case of the BBA) find jobs within 3 months of graduating


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  • Maria Obiols

    Maria Obiols

    Esade Careers Director Esade Business & Law School.

    Enhancing employability.

    “We live in a time of great change — and great opportunity. New ways of working and living are reshaping the traditional concept of a career path. At Esade, we are leading the way in preparing a new generation of MBA participants to make the most of these opportunities. Transforming their mindsets and skillsets to succeed in times of uncertainty. To add value anywhere in the world, across diverse industries and countries, through rigorous learning and flexible thinking.”

  • Monika Mazur-Rafal

    Monika Mazur-Rafal

    President of the Managing Board, Humanity in Action Poland. Board Member, Humanity in Action Inc. International Director of European Programs, Humanity in Action.

    "The Executive MBA program allowed me to learn from professionals from different sectors and countries, and focus on important topics such as human rights, equality, diversity, and the environment. Creating cross-sectoral alliances to achieve socially responsible impact was also emphasized, which I found extremely valuable. The program helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, and provided me with valuable strategies for handling difficult situations and working effectively in teams. Overall, Esade equipped me with the tools and skills to accept new positions with more responsibility and opportunities for cross-sectoral bridge-building."

  • Hui Ming Yang

    Hui Ming Yang

    Master in Business Analytics

    “I now work in a fintech company and the strong bond between Esade's education and the practice lays a solid stage for my current career. MiBA’s courses in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing increased my knowledge of the tech that can be applied to innovate the business in my company. I am also able to work as a guest writer for a magazine and a guest speaker for several institutions on the topic of fintech.”


Learn about how we promote knowledge and new solutions to current and future challenges.

ilustracion ai

Meta and Esade join forces to analyze the impact of immersive technologies in education

This combined effort is part of a broader program in which academic establishments, think tanks and other experts from the UK, Italy, Spain, France and Germany will examine how immersive technologies can enhance learning, boost job prospects for young people and contribute to training

persona graficos ordenador

Planning to launch your startup? This is how research can help you

Understanding and applying the tools and knowledge research offers can be critical for entrepreneurial success. If you want your startup to thrive, consider combining your intuition skills with rigorous data and experimentation. But how can you do it?

chat gpt

Will ChatGPT weaponize transformational leadership?

The media is full of stories questioning whether the AI chat is a helpful tool or a poisoned gift. It is clearly a breakthrough, but will it help leaders or should they feel threatened by its advance?

new skills

Why online digital learning makes sense: The top 5 benefits

The new Academic Director of Hybrid Global Excellence Executive MBA at Esade, Katharine D’Amico, assesses the advantages and challenges of online learning. Both need to be understood to bring the future of education to fruition.

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Multiple crises around the globe slow down Agenda 2030 implementation and reduce overarching presence of SDG in businesses

Higher energy and food prices, inflation and problems with supply chains all jeopardize sustainability

Matins Microsoft

Alberto Granados, CEO Microsoft Spain: “We must use generative AI securely and responsibly”

The CEO announced the scenarios – development, customers, employees and observability – where the tech developments are being applied

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