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ESADE Open Programmes include a wide range of Programmes aimed at executives at different stages of their career development. 

Our Executive Development Programmes' main goal is that their participants are able to exponentially improve their decision-making skills when facing new paradigms, to influence their teams more effectively and that together, they help their organizations to occupy positions of success in a sustained manner.

Our Specialised Programmes focus on a specific area of ​​knowledge such as leadership, digital transformation, finance or marketing, among others.

The Specific Industry Programmes attend to the particularities of professionals from sectors such as the Public Administrations and the health sector, which have specific needs and require different management techniques.

Whichever programme they choose, our participants are sure to be part of a world renowned institution that designs each programme with the most updated and innovative contents in order to provide differential value to executive training and therefore to our mission, which is nothing more than #InspiringFutures.

Programme for Management Development - PMD®

Accept the challenge. Lead your career.



Proyecto Progresa - Líderes Emergentes

Programme to train high-potential women in those skills needed to successfully lead an organization To achieve this, we will help them better understand how they can become influential and inspiring leadership models and how they can drive change and innovation in their organizations , but also in their careers and in their lives.


Executive Diploma in Finance

Programme aimed at financial professionals who want to develop as an expert financial director. You can specialize in Financial Management, Corporate Finance or Fintech.

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Programa de Dirección Comercial – PDC

Programme that covers the entire commercial area with two face-to-face modules (Marketing and Sales), reinforced each one of them with the integration of the MarkPlan virtual module.

Marketing Management Programme

Consolidate your career in the commercial area and boost the immersion in Marketing from three axes: the Marketing Process, the Challenges and Innovation in Marketing and the executive profile development.

Advanced Management Control

Tools that allow this area to be managed more efficiently and development of the executive skills required to successfully carry out the controller rol.

Sales Management Programme

Concepts and tools to analyze, redesign and implement winning sales strategies, improving relations and results with customers, while optimizing the performance of sales team.

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Omnichannel & e-Commerce Strategies

The main objective of the program is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge to be able to successfully design an omnichannel strategic plan & e-commerce and learn how to implement it.


Influence Management

Influence enables executives to have a positive impact on the members of their teams and other people around them. Discover the secrets behind this influence and develop the power of leadership to motivate and achieve the behaviours and results you expect from people in your organisation.

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Legal Tech

The objective of this course is that you understand what Legal Tech is. You will take a tour of the most important aspects of Legal Tech. We will explain complex technical concepts in an accessible way. You will acquire fundamental knowledge to develop a critical vision, and at the end of the course you will be able to identify which technologies and tools can provide strategic value to your legal team and your clients and which not.

Directors Programme

Knowledge, tools and resources to be part of a 21st Century Board of Directors, in a collaborative environment where the exchange of ideas and experiences takes precedence.


  • Laura Ros

    ESADE enriched me both personally and professionally. It prepared me to better face the job market; it provided me with qualifications and a critical spirit as well as a series of skills and knowledge that have been very valuable for my career. And, it also instilled in me something I think is fundamental for the world in which we live: responsibility, responsibility towards our teams and clients. ESADE is truly concerned with the ethical responsibility of the executives it trains and it strives to transmit this social responsibility that executives leading a team of people have.

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