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Futurity: “the quality of being future oriented”

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Be futurity is to be what has to come, is to be part of the future, is to become an innovative and disruptive leader capable of generating a transformative impact from your functional area.

With the ESADE Executive Master, you will become a benchmark for the future of your company, an innovative leader with expert knowledge in emerging areas within your functional area.

We want to train professionals capable of providing disruptive and collaborative forms of leadership, and to create strategies that are ahead of the future, that optimise processes, that promote results, that improve the customer experience, that open new business opportunities and that help their companies move forward in an uncertain and volatile environment like the current one.

Our goal is to take a leap forward in your professional career and, in doing so, generate an energy of change and future in your company. In short, that you become a future oriented leader, capable of providing vision and advanced knowledge in each project that you lead.

Why do an ESADE Executive Master?

1. Specialisation with solid management training

You will acquire in-depth knowledge about the chosen area of specialisation, combined with solid knowledge in management and the development of your managerial and leadership skills.

2. Business Development Project

Throughout the master, you will develop a real consulting project where you will apply the concepts and knowledge acquired.

3. Flexibility and networking

In the core modules you will share the classroom with other professionals from other Executive Masters, expanding your networking beyond your area of ​​specialisation.

4. Collaborative leadership

You will learn to participate and lead collaborative work processes, in which ideas flow transversally and where decision-making emerges from listening and promoting collective talent.

5. International experience

To close the Executive Master, we will travel to a recognized business school giving an international projection to your training.

6. ESADE Alumni

After the programme, you will be able to be part of the ESADE Alumni network: a powerful, dynamic community with a great international presence, formed by more than 60,000 alumni.


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Executive Master in Global Sports Management

Designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need to carry out management functions with a high degree of efficacy, specifically in the sports business industry.

ESADE-Bocconi Executive Master in Marketing & Sales

The Executive Master in Marketing & Sales (EMMS) is a unique, 14-month degree program for ambitious executives wanting to move their career forward rapidly. It is the smartest way to learn while you work and the best alternative to a conventional MBA Marketing & Sales program. In partnership with SDA Bocconi.

Executive Master in Business Analytics - EMIBA

Learn to extract intelligence from data and know the technological and analytical features of Big Data to lead the analytical transformation in your company. Maximum specialization from a solid management base.

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