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Conflict Management Research Group

The Conflict Management Research Group at ESADE Business School is dedicated to studying conflict management in a variety of law and business areas.

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Our mission

Our mission is to conduct basic and applied research that brings societal value by working together with companies, legal professionals, institutions involved in conflict management, consumer associations and financial institutions, among others.

Research areas

The group’s mission is structured in two major research areas:

  • Conflict management and legal conflicts in current society

  • Conflict management and tools, skills and models

DIALOGA awards

7th edition DIALOGA award

The role of empathy in positive conflict management: how to become an active protagonist

The ESADE Law Faculty, the Conflict Management Research Group and the College of Notaries of Catalonia present the 7th edition of the DIALOGA award.

The award is open to primary and secondary school students in Catalonia and is supported by the Catalan Government’s Departments of Education and Justice.

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News & events

Conflict management: effective conflict management in companies
By Teresa Duplá, in IDEARIUM (Cinco Días newspaper)


2 effective strategies to manage conflicts in companies
By Teresa Duplá, in ESADE Knowledge


V Dialoga award ceremony

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Latest publications

Conflict management: nuevos modelos y herramientas de gestión eficiente de conflictos en el ámbito de la empresa

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Shedding light on sustainable development and stakeholder engagement: The role of individual dynamic capabilities

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Mediation techniques in secondary education should take into account gender differences to enhance effectiveness

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