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Immerse yourself in an innovative methodology that is revolutionising the educational and business world: it combines the excellence of ESADE's face-to-face programmes with the opportunities offered by the digital world.


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Marketing Intelligence & Consumer Insights

For marketers it is essential to know their consumers and obtain insights from the data to make the best decisions.
This program will provide you with the vision and essential tools to place the consumer at the center of the organization and improve your marketing actions.

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B2B Sales Management

The Open Program "B2B Sales Management" will help you transform your Sales Managment and will drive you to implement changes in your team to generate business so optimal.

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Omnichannel & e-Commerce Strategies

The main objective of the program is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge to be able to successfully design an omnichannel strategic plan & e-commerce and learn how to implement it.

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Trade marketing: the shopper at the center of the strategy

The programme is aimed at those marketing and sales professionals who wish to lead the necessary strategies to get the product to the client and make their experience fully satisfactory.

In order to extract the maximum potential from the formative experience, we require that the students have basic marketing knowledge.


Influence Management

Influence enables executives to have a positive impact on the members of their teams and other people around them. Discover the secrets behind this influence and develop the power of leadership to motivate and achieve the behaviours and results you expect from people in your organisation.

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Digital Transformation: the New Consumer

In the online program Digital Transformation: the New Consumer, you will learn to respond in real time to the new demands related to the sector, developing a different strategy that will improve customer relations and bring value to the company.

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eSports for Marketing Strategies

The eSports for Marketing Strategies Online Program “Get in the Real Game” is the result of hours of research and practical application in the eSports environment in collaboration with Play the game consulting. The main objective of the program is to recognize the differential value of eSports as a marketing channel in which to invest.

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Derecho para directivos

Legal matters are as complex as are necessary for business management. We live in an extremely regulated environment that makes it difficult for anyone who is not an expert in the field to know the legislation to apply. However, non-compliance with the regulations can fail any project and generate liability for the managers.

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Digital Twins

Thanks to Digital Twins technology it is possible to accurately simulate all types of future scenarios that a product or service will have before it is built. This simulation is a virtual replica based on data from a physical object. However, this technology is used beyond simply designing and building, it can help in various areas, such as managing a city or preparing a patient for an operation.

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Customer Experience Management

We live in a world where "experience" is the key word for business success. Learn, from emotional marketing and innovation processes, the methodology that will allow you to successfully design a new relationship model with your clients to provide them with positive experiences and gain loyalty.

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Finanzas para no financieros

Every manager regardless of the sector in which he develops his activity, the size of the company or its organizational structure needs some basic knowledge in Finance. The Companies are economic entities and, consequently, any decision that impacts the business in a relevant way must be supported, among other arguments, in a financial analysis that accredits the decision taken.

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Marketing jurídico y desarrollo de negocio

Experts in the industry predict that more than 30% of legal work will be standardizable. Firms will have to opt for a particular business model: either a focus on standardizable work, or more sophisticated work for unique, complex processes with high returns.

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