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Leadership Development Research Centre

Leadership Development Research Centre

The Leadership Development Research Center (GLEAD)’s mission is to help people, teams and organizations inspire better, more caring and fulfilling lives that foster personal and social development and enhance the sustainability of human organizations.

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Our mission

Our mission and research agenda is centered on a belief that leadership is most effective when leaders:

Exhibit a sense of self awareness and a desire to learn and grow. Develop resonant relationships that inspire others to learn and grow

Create a sense of well-being and trust around them

Activate human potential by focusing on the strengths, dreams and unique capabilities of others

Main research areas

  • Emotional & Social competencies
  • Entrepreneurial competencies
  • Leadership

Latest publications

Exploring the public's willingness to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from private road transport in Catalonia
Science of the Total Environment


Ethnic diversity, ethnic threat, and social cohesion
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


Multisource assessment for development purposes: Revisiting the methodology of data analysis
Frontiers in Psychology


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Leadership Development Research Center (GLEAD)
Joan Manuel Batista-Foguet
GLEAD Director
Av. Torre Blanca 59
08172 Sant Cugat – Barcelona
Tel: +34 935 543 511