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ESADE feeds on talent. Help us find it.

ESADE grows with talent.

You know that you are an important part of ESADE.

ESADE grows with talent, and nobody can help us find talent better than you. You probably have professionals in your network who want to boost their managerial careers with a unique programme. Invite them to re-invent themselves at ESADE, and we can further widen the prestige of our community.

We are looking for people like you: bright, motivated, with a talent for leadership, and the desire to develop professionally in one of the world’s best business schools.

Go ahead, recommend us.

Here is how we all win:

  • Your candidate wins: because your recommendation facilitates the admission process. Your experience and the fact that you have proposed the candidate as a participant for a programme, will help resolve any doubts about the candidate’s quality and suitability. In addition, you will receive up to €1,500 bonus on your next registration.
  • You win: because you enrich the community of which you are part, and you will receive official recognition in our talent panel. If your candidate joins a programme, you will receive a VIP invitation to one of our great events of the year. You can also continue your training at ESADE with a €1,500, €500 or €400 training bonus for Executive Education programmes (you can receive up to five bonuses).
  • ESADE wins: Because having great professionals as participants in each programme enables us to continue being a ‘cradle of talent’ – and this increases the international prestige of our qualifications year after year. The prestige of ESADE reflects on us all.

ESADE inspires your future. We all benefit from ESADE’s prestige.

* Valid for two years starting in September 2016 and redeemable in the Executive Education Programs listed here.


  • International recognition: fifth best business school in Europe and eighth in the world in Executive Education (Financial Times 2015).
  • Pioneer in corporate social responsibility.
  • Innovative methodology based on learning by doing.
  • More than 50,000 alumni worldwide.
  • Find out more at ESADE Today.

Recommend candidates

ESADE is looking for people who, like you, are keen to develop their management potential. We believe that your criterion is invaluable. We look forward to receiving your candidates.

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    • AMP - Advanced Management Program
    • Agenda Pública
    • B2B Management
    • Big Data Analytics para Ejecutivos
    • Control de Gestión Avanzado
    • Diploma en Business Analytics
    • Diploma en Corporate Finance
    • Diploma en Digital Business
    • Diploma en Dirección Financiera
    • Diploma en Marketing y Ventas
    • Diploma en Operaciones e Innovación
    • Dirección Estratégica y Gestión Público-Privada
    • EMBA - Executive MBA
    • EMCF - Executive Master in Corporate Finance
    • EMDB - Executive Master in Digital Business
    • EMDF - Executive Master en Dirección Financiera
    • EMDOS - Executive Master en Direccion de Organizaciones Sanitarias
    • EMIBA - Executive Master in Business Analytics
    • EMMV - Executive Master en Marketing y Ventas
    • EMOI - Executive Master en Operaciones e Innovacion
    • EMPA - Master in Public Administration
    • Finanzas para Directivos
    • INDIGITAL - Programa de Dirección de Marketing Digital
    • Liderazgo de Personas y Gestión de Equipos - [Gtón. de Personas y Dón. de Equipos]
    • PDC - Programa de Dirección Comercial
    • PDM - Programa de Dirección de Marketing
    • PDV - Programa de Dirección de Ventas
    • PMD - Program for Management Development
    • Programa para Directores Propietarios
    • Summer School - Advanced Marketing Strategy
    • Summer School - B2B Sales Management
    • Summer School - INDIGITAL
    • Título de Especialización en Fiscalidad Internacional

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