Strategy and General Management Programmes

Strategy and General Management Programmes

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Executive MBA

More innovative, more international and more diverse, to allow you reach the heights of managerial success and transform your career. ESADE’s Executive MBA offers you a unique educational experience to help you achieve your professional goals.

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Advanced Management Control

Tools that allow this area to be managed more efficiently and development of the executive skills required to successfully carry out the controller rol.

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Stock Market

A highly practical programme that combines financial analysis and corporate appraisals, developing tools to choose the right shares at any given moment within the economic cycle.

Directors Programme

Knowledge, tools and resources to be part of a 21st Century Board of Directors, in a collaborative environment where the exchange of ideas and experiences takes precedence.

Programme for Management Development - PMD®

The main objective of the PMD® is to accelerate participants’ professional development, allowing them to acquire sound, comprehensive managerial skills and knowledge in a short period of time.

Human Resource Management for SMEs

The programme trains leaders in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to manage talent in people and teams, and so become more competitive by differentiating their companies.

Big Data Analytics for Executives

The Big Data Analytics for Executives programme places executives at the centre of the digital transformation, allowing them to make data-based decisions and preparing them to lead their companies and transform them into data-driven organisations.

The Global CCO: The Global Chief Communications Officer

This programme is a unique opportunity for professionals in charge of communications and management of intangible assets to strengthen their skills and develop the needed knowledge to successfully confront the new "reputation economy".

New Rules, New Leaders

ESADE’s Strategy and General Management programmes are designed for executives and professionals who are seeking a comprehensive education that will develop their executive and business skills in a short period of time.

But that’s not all. At ESADE, we also train executives who think differently; transformative, collaborative, innovative leaders who make decisions with the confidence that comes from knowing where they want to go; professionals who convert their new knowledge into successful projects.

  • Santiago Manzanero

    What I value most is having had my mind completely opened up, the complete immersion, learning about new ideas and tools and, of course, being able to intensively interiorise this new knowledge.

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