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The legal titleholder of ESADE is a private non-governmental foundation whose governing body, the Board of Trustees, consists of representatives of the Society of Jesus and members of civil society. A significant number of the trustees are alumni.


The Society of Jesus is responsible for proposing the appointment of the Director General of ESADE. The involvement of the Society of Jesus taps into a more than 450-year tradition of educating leaders in various fields who serve the common good and promote social transformation.

In the development of ESADE since its beginnings

Our history is a clear example of close collaboration between the Jesuits and prominent representatives of civil society: business owners, jurists and other professionals.

ESADE is a member of the International Association of Jesuit Business Schools (IAJBS), the World Association of Jesuit Law Schools [k1] and UNIJES, the federation of Jesuit universities and higher education institutions in Spain.