What is RSS?

What is RSS Service?

El RSS is a service that allows you to automatically stay up-to-date on all the features that interest you: it's free, instant and very easy to use. 

You will no longer have to visit your favourite sites to check for updates: the RSS system scans for updates and displays them for you instantly. 

All you have to do is download a feed reader software package and add the URL for the web you are interested in checking. When there are updates, a message window will be displayed on your computer screen, containing the updated information. From there you will be able to go directly to the full information.

2 easy steps to using ESADE's RSS

1. Download a free RSS feed reader

There are a lot of free and easy-to-use RSS feed readers available on the Internet. Some of the best-known readers are Feedreader (www.feedreader.com) and Sharpreader (www.sharpreader.net).


Once you have installed the feed reader, you are ready to subscribe to the RSS service. 

2. Add the ESADE RSS link to your feed reader

You will have to copy and paste one of the following URLs into the RSS feed reader (depending on the language in which you want to receive updates):


Follow the software instructions to complete the process. From then on, you will be able to get direct and automatic news updates on our web. You can configure the software so that it is run automatically when you start your computer.

Finding out more:

What does RSS mean exactly?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) forms part of the group of XML formats and has been developed specifically for frequently updated webs, for example, online newspapers, public institution webs, website news sections... It is a way of sharing information and using it in other websites or programmes. This technology is known as syndication.