PUBLIC Newsletter

What is PUBLIC newsletter?

PUBLIC is a forum for creation, dissemination, training and debate on public management and administration, both local and international. An initiative launched to give support to innovative leadership in the public sector, PUBLIC is published every quarter in Catalan, Spanish and English.   

Who's it for?

PUBLIC is delivered to over 10,000 professionals and academics throughout the world. Outstanding contributors to its early editions included: Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia University), Francis Fukuyama (Johns Hopkins University), Henry Mintzberg (McGill University), Dani Rodrik (Harvard University),  Michael Barzelay (LSE), Sonia Ospina (Wagner NYU), Christopher Hood (Oxford University), Christopher Pollitt (Erasmus University), Ronald A. Heifetz (KSG Harvard), Jeffrey Pfeffer (Stanford University) o Jordi Pujol (President de la Generalitat de Catalunya 1980-2003), Narcís Serra (alcalde de Barcelona 1979-82 y vice-presidente del Gobierno Español 1991-95), among many others. 

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