The ESADEgov channels its interest in producing studies and research on diverse areas of public management through its Research Group in Leadership and Innovation in Public Management (GLIGP).

Study and research projects may originate as the response to an express request by an organisation or may be initiated by the GLIGP itself.
The GLIGP’s main research lines are:
  • Leadership in the public sector.
  • Politics and public management. The institutional space of the managerial function in democratic governance.
  • Non-hierarchical coordination in public management. Management of transversality and interorganisational networks in the provision of public services.
  • Public-private partnerships.
  • Institutional frameworks which favour entrepreneurship and the efficient functioning of the markets.
GLIGP has received official recognition from the former Catalan Ministry of Universities, Research and Information Society as a Catalan research group (AGAUR 2009 SGR 1483).  Announcement of results.
The GLIGP works within the theoretical framework of governance on two main subject areas: democratic public leadership as a stimulus to institutional development, and the analysis of networks, transversality, collaborations and partnerships in the innovation of public management. These two research lines share the objectives of further study and evaluation of the transparency and answerability of the public sector, both in modernisation processes and in the corresponding inter-administrative and inter-sectoral cooperation. The group’s approach combines theory and empirical analysis and uses participative, quantitative and qualitative research. The common factor in these two topics is how relational management is creating new demands for leadership in the public sector.

For more information:
Angel Saz Carranza
Responsible Research Group in Leadership & Innovation in Public Management (GLIGP)