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Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office is the trustee of student records. If you need an attested copy of your transcript or a certificate of enrollment, don’t hesitate to request it via our EOffice application. You will find all the details of the different types of certificate available in our Services.

If you are interested in enrolling in one of ESADE’s undergraduate or masters’ programs, the Admissions office will be able to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for visiting!


  • Certificates

    Students who already have access to the intranet can connect to our Virtual Registrar service, EOffice, to request official documents while currently enrolled or up to one year following graduation.

  • Verifications

    Should you need to verify any of our students’ degrees (obtained at ESADE):

    - Click here if the student has a digital certification (Blockchain).

    - Send an email to verifications@esade.edu, attaching the relevant authorisation signed by the student.

ESADE public key

All the certificates issued and published by ESADE using blockchain technology have been signed digitally by the institution using its public blockchain key.

The only valid key ESADE uses to sign its certificates is: 02a09d633594aed0482e243fa8cc4372801e91137a622f61e81e597773f361022d



1. What is the lead time for Academic Certificates?

The ordinary lead time for certificates and attested copies is 4 working days from the day after the registration of the request. We offer an urgent service, with an extra cost of 10€, which guarantees the availability of the document in 48h.

The lead time for Attested Copies of Courses Syllabus is one week.

2. When will I receive the reward for the Honours Distinction?

The right to be conferred a Certificate of Distinction, and the possibility to be entitled to receive a reward, are stated in the Program Internal Rules.

Once the Certificate of Distinction is requested through the EOffice Portal, the lead time is from 4 to 7 working days. When the Certificate is available, the transfer for the reward is ordered, if applicable. The payments are transferred each Friday.

3. What is an Academic Certificate and how can I request it?

As a general rule, an Academic Certificate is meant as the certification of the student academic record with a Transcript.

Neither the official average grade nor the ESADE average grade and ranking position are stated in the Transcript by default. The student should specify if this information must appear on the document when requesting the certificate.

For more detailed text certifications, please consult the range of Certificates we offer.

Any student with access to MyESADE must request the certificates through the EOffice portal. Former students should contact the Registrar's Office in order to request any of these services.

4. What are the fees for an Academic Certificate?

The Fees for the issuing of Academic Certificates will be the current ones established by the Catalan Government. You will find the tariffs listed in the EOffice application or you can contact the Registrar's Office for this information.

Those certificates requested in order to get or renew the Large Family Card or Residence Permit, as well as certificates required for applying for a grant, will be exempt from fees.


1. When can I request my degree?

Once you have completed your studies and meet all the programme requirements, the option for requesting your degree will be activated in EOffice.

2. How can I collect my degree (Official) if I am not living in Barcelona?

If you are due to collect an Official Degree and you live in Spain (but outside the province of Barcelona), you can request to collect it via the Government Delegate's Office (Delegación del Gobierno Español) nearest to your home. If you live outside of Spain, you can choose to have it sent to a Spanish Consulate or Embassy. To arrange this, please contact the Registrar's Office.

3. What is the difference between a "Màster Oficial" (Official Master's Degree) and a "Màster Propi" (URL-specific degree)?

An Official Master's is one that meets the requirements of the regulations established by the mandate of Official University Programs (Royal Decree 1393/2007 and its modification by Royal Decree 861/2010).

It must undergo a process of validation, monitoring and accreditation, following the criteria of the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA), and it is recognised academically by the Ministry for Education, which accredits its validity in Spain in accordance with the European model.
Its objective is to offer a specialised program, be it in a professional domain or in research. It consists of between 60 and 120 ECTS credits (ECTS=European Credit Transfer System), which are calculated based on the workload (hours) the student is required to undertake. In order to gain admission to an Official Master's program, it is essential to be in possession of an official university degree. Once successfully completed, it, in turn, allows acces to a Doctorate Program (i.e. to present a Doctoral Thesis).
An official Master's awards points for Spanish civil service examinations. A ""Master Propi"" (Ramon Llull University-specific Master) also undergoes an evaluation process and quality control but internally (i.e. by the University itself).

It aims to provide a more flexible and diversified training that offers a professional or academic specialisation or to update one's knowledge as per the current demands for Life Long Learning. It, too, consists of between 60 and 120 credits ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), based on the student's workload. In order to access a ""Màster Propi"" program, as a general rule, you must be in possession of an official degree. It is sometimes possible to access this type of program without an official degree, though in these cases the final qualification awarded is a University Extension Diploma and not a Masters Degree. The ""Màster Propi"" does not allow access to a Doctorate program nor are points awarded for Spanish civil service examinations.

4. In order to complete the degree request form I need the date of issue of my 'DNI'. Where do I find this?

The DNI - or Documento Nacional de Identidad - refers to the identification document issued by your country, be it an ID card or your passport.

5. Can another person collect my degree on my behalf?

Yes. In order to collect a private (ESADE's own) degree or URL's own degree, a written authorisation signed by you and indicating the name and ID of the person you wish to collect it will suffice. (They must present the original ID with the same number when collecting your degree).

However, if it is an official degree, a third party can only collect it if he/she has been issued with a power of attorney ("poderes notariales" in Spanish).

6. How can I get an attested copy of an official degree?

Only public organisms (such as the Town Hall/Ayuntamiento) and public notaries are authorised to make attested copies of official degress.

7. I would like to request my degree but I am still on work placement. Can I?

You may only request your degree when your work replacement has ended and the contract has been duly closed.


1. How are the courses graded?

In the academic year 2005-2006, as one of the steps towards building the European Higher Education Area - the grading system established by the Ministry for Education in Spain was adopted (Royal Decree 1125/2006, 5th September. BOE 18.09.2003). From this moment onwards, the following scale was applied: 0-4.9: Fail; 5.0-6.9: Pass, 7.0-8.9: Remarkable, 9.0-10:Outstanding.

The mention of ‘Distinction’ (Matrícula de Honor, MH) may (though not necessarily) be awarded to a limited number of students – 5% of those enrolled in that course in that academic year – who have obtained a grade of 9.0 or more.

Spanish legal documentation

1. How can I request a NUSS (Spanish Social Security Number)?

You can request your NUSS via ESADE (upto the deadline established by your Program - contact your Program Manager) or directly from a Social Security office (Administración). In order to do this you will need to complete the form number TA.1 and make a copy of your DNI (both side) or, in the case of foreign residents the TIE or NIE (both sides). 


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