Programmes for organisations

Types of partnership

In addition to our custom programmes for companies, we also have experience designing programmes with other types of organisations: 

Industry, regional and institutional partnerships

We have a portfolio of long-standing programmes leading to the award of a Ramon Llull University-specific degree especially designed for these types of partners: 

  • Programme for Leadership Development (PLD)    
  • Programme in Financial Management (PDF)     
  • Programme in Commercial Management (PDC) 

Industry or sectoral organisations, such as business associations, industry clusters or professional associations. Programmes with these partners are designed taking into account the specific challenges facing the industry. They aim to deepen the knowledge and skills needed to manage companies in a constantly changing environment. 

Regional organisations, such as regional business associations and regional clusters. The agreement between ESADE and the partner is intended to provide participating companies and executives from the partner’s area of influence with a solid foundation and global perspective of the company, as well as the necessary skills to lead teams and make effective decisions. It also aims to update the knowledge and skills needed, from a comprehensive perspective, to thrive in a changing environment.

Other institutions: chambers of commerce, provincial governments, town councils, public agencies, foundations, partner universities, technology centres, research centres, institutions for economic development, etc

Partnerships with other academic institutions

Business schools around the world include international exchanges in their executive programmes or deliver parts of their programmes through an academic partner able to offer a complementary vision. 
This time spent abroad helps participants gain a better understanding of how to do business in an international context.

Partnerships with Corporate Universities

Some of ESADE Custom Programmes’ closest strategic partners in recent years have been the corporate universities of major corporations. As a partner to these corporations, we help:

  • Develop and deliver strategic programmes
  • Design personalised pathways for executives

Our partners include corporate universities such as Ferrovial’s Summa University, the Gas Natural Fenosa corporate university, and the La Caixa Executive Development Centre.

Partnership Experience

ESADE Business School

ESADE Business School offers the perfect framework for business schools to include this international insight in their programmes. 

International Week at ESADE: The Barcelona experience

Video Corporate MBA sectorial

Customisation and co-design

The programmes are co-designed following the same process used with our custom programmes for companies.

  • Identification of strategic and training needs
  • Co-design of the programme and format with the partner
  • Delivery
  • Assessment and Executive Action Plan. 


Customization and co-design