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ESADE certifies its first degrees with blockchain

Blockchain technology makes it possible to reliably certify digital information without intermediaries to vouch for the authenticity of the certificates

ESADE will be certifying its first degrees online using blockchain technology. With this system, the school will be able to allow greater transparency to anyone who wishes to verify unequivocally the authenticity of certificates issued by the institution. Blockchain technology is based on the generation of encoded and interlinked blocks that are recognised internationally, thereby guaranteeing that the digital information can be certified with absolute reliability, without intermediaries to vouch for the authenticity of the certificates.

As an institution committed to the new paradigm shift in the digital world, ESADE is eager to tap into the opportunities presented by blockchain in the education sector. We believe that this technology provides various advantages for students and improves the degree certification process at all levels. Blockchain is more secure that traditional certification because it prevents any sort of modification and makes it possible to verify the integrity of a certificate. This technology also allows more flexibility in the generation of documents, since physical signatures are no longer necessary. Students can send or submit certificates quickly and easily without having to use physical copies.

How to verify ESADE certificates

The first ESADE students to benefit from the school’s adoption of blockchain certification are participants in the Online Digital Marketing programme. Students who have a certificate of attendance from an ESADE programme can verify its authenticity without using a physical copy by accessing this platform. Thanks to this new service, users can preview documents and demonstrate that they were issued and signed by ESADE by checking that the public key used in the document matches the one published by the institution.