The community of ESADE students is known for their active and socially conscious mindset.

ESADE offers much more than an academic experience:

There are many associations, groups and clubs to provide social, leisure, athletic and cultural activities for student enjoyment.

University Degree and Masters Associations

The Department of Cultural and Leisure Activities (DAC) produces the ultimate student magazine, ReDACció, and organises music festivals, theatre, art, photography, writing and poetry competitions and much more! Find out all about it!
eJoventut Junior Enterprise

eJoventut Junior Enterprise

eJoventut (Empresa Joventut) is ESADE's Junior Enterprise founded in 1985. Its main objective is to offer students who decide to join the association some practical work experience in addition to all they learn in class. A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organization, formed and managed by students, whose main aim is to create collaborative links between the university and the world of work.

Empresa y Sociedad

Business and Society: The aim of this association is to raise social awareness among students through debates and participation in activities connected to social aid and development. Business and Society (EyS) contributes to the education of socially responsible future executives.

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The ESADE International Student Committee (CIEE) provides students with a bridge that spans academic and political borders: our activities include week-long exchanges with universities in Europe and Asia, and numerous get-togethers with exchange students. /

CEMSCLUB: Community of European Management Schools. The CEMSCLUB association is aimed at organising exchanges and links with other participants in the CEMS programme across the whole of Europe.
ESADE Deportes
SPORTS: ESADE Sports Association. This is an association run by degree students to cover the needs of all students in the area of sports. The academic year 2006-2007 opened a new era with a challenge to offer the best service possible to meet the students' sports-related expectations.

Finance & Economy Group (FEG) is the association which links the world of finance and economy to the students via conferences, seminars, and a range of other activities in order to encourage debate and interest in these sectors.

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iGreenESADE. It aims to attract and connect students, professionals, change-agents and everyone else involved in finding and exploiting opportunities arising from green business in the present and near future. Taking an economic viewpoint, we pursue our objective by exploring the multiple challenges that contemporary society is facing. Operating under ESADE Patronage, we hope to raise awareness among students, academics and the broader public, and to be able to plan a wide range of events such as conferences, round tables, competitions and other activities.

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The E3 Initiave

The E3 Initiative. The Entrepreneurship Club of ESADE was created by a group of enthusiastic individuals who see the world from a different angle; who believe that innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are what drive positive change. The club organises regular events, workshops with ESADECREAPOLIS, Networking events with guest speakers, elevator pitch contests and much more, in order to encourage as many people as possible to get involved.

180 Degrees Consulting is the world's largest consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises. As of the 2016-2017 academic year, the Barcelona branch at ESADE forms part of a global network of 81 branches in 33 countries. If you came to ESADE to create social impact, this is your chance to translate words into actions! Learn more at and follow our Facebook page for the latest updates at