The Conference on Rhetoric and Narratives in Management Research has contributed, since its first edition, to the creation and diffusion of relevant knowledge within the fields of management and management research, such as the interpretation of situations, the creation of meanings, and the role of rhetoric and persuasion in the formation of personal and corporate identities, as well as the development of society. It has introduced new conceptions of management such as persuasive management, and new views on educating people focusing on virtues, judgment and sensibility. The 5th Conference will be a special celebration and an opportunity for advancing in these subjects and integrating them into a conceptual framework.



Aims of the Fourth Conference on Rhetoric and Narratives in Management Research - RNMR 2011:


·         To improve our understanding of the rhetorical and narrative functions in management and management research


·         To promote a humanistic education in management that would involve a full view of people with their experience, cognition, feelings, aims, values, virtues, and ideals


·         To promote democratic and participative values in organizations and in management research


·         To emphasize the creative, poetical and ethical aspects of management and management research


·         To offer a forum of discussion on rhetoric and narratives in management and management research


·         To foster the creation of academic networks, research groups and projects


·         To enjoy friendship in the academic life