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Welcome to ESADE Future of Work Chair

Hello and welcome to our site. We are the "new kid on the block" in the ESADE research community. This does not mean that we have no experience. On the contrary, all senior members of our team are experienced professionals (i.e. research scholars and senior executives) who have an outstanding record of achievement.

We are unified under the umbrella of this Chair and our aim is to affect changes in society, and in particular in the world of work. We are passionate about the subject, and are convinced that time has come to study and prepare for the future. This chair has definitely a very unique niche: It is global (physically and virtually), it is diverse (mix of disciplines, professions and ideas), and it is future oriented.

I invite you to explore the site, to meet our collaborators, and to learn more about our current activities as well as planned future events. In the spirit of innovativeness and openness, I welcome input, queries and suggestions to help us better address the complex subject of the "Future of Work".

Simon L. Dolan

The Future of Work - Chair

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