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ESADEgov Center for Public Governance, consists of a group of professionals who work from ESADE gaze focused on governments, public sector organizations and improving the quality of links between the public sector and the private sector to create public value.

ESADEgov includes the following organizational centers:

  • The Institute for Public Management (IDP). Its purpose is to study leadership and public management, and support Public Sector managers. The IDP's main activity is its Executive Master in Public Administration (EMPA). The IDP is coordinated by Prof. Manuel Férez.
  • The Institute for Healthcare Management (IGS). Who studies and disseminates knowledge on health systems and organizations that integrate. It provides support to public and private managers in the Health Sector. Has as one of its main activity the Executive Master in Healthcare Organisation Management (EMDOS).  The IGS is coordinated by Prof. Manel Peiró.
  • The PARTNERS Programme. Which brings together public institutions and corporations for the study of Public-Private Partnership (PPP). Knowledge-creation and training activities are carried out within this framework and are reflected in the various programmes offered by ESADE. Has as one of its main activity the Program in Strategic Management of Public-Private Partnerships.The programme is coordinated by Monica Reig.
  • The Public Sector Observatory ESADE-PwC, an initiative with its own entity within ESADEGov, whose main goal driving change and transforming administrations. The observatory is coordinated by Isabel Linares and Juan Luis Manfredi.

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The World Health Organization estimates that in 2020 a majority of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. How can cities become smart and sustainable? ESADE researchers have partnered in two pioneering research projects designed to develop urban transformation strategies. REPLICATE and mySmartLife aim at making cities more inclusive and sustainable by increasing energy efficiency, improving urban mobility and reducing CO2 emissions.
Video of Horizon 2020 Projects
The Institute for Healthcare Management of ESADE presented at ESADE-Barcelona the report THE FUTURE  OF HEALTHCARE SYSTEM Authors: Manel Peiró, Francesc Xavier Mena & Francisco Longo INSTITUTE FOR HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT, ESADE and Joan Barrubés, David Roé & Eduard Portella  ANTARES CONSULTING.
The president of La Societat Econòmica Barcelonesa d'Amics del País, Mr. Miquel Roca and the director of the Center for Public Governance of ESADE, Francisco Longo, presented the reflections gathered after the Seminar "Public-private Partnership: the state of the question". This Seminar aimed to articulate a space for reflection on the state of public-private partnership, its advantages and challenges, identifying the needs, concerns and limitations of the public sector and the requirements and contributions of the private sector for this collaboration to work properly. The closing of the conference was given by the Honorable Mr. Jordi Baiget, Conseller of the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Generalitat of Catalonia.
ESADE takes part in the REPLICATE project for developing the infrastructure for Europe's Smart Cities
The project has a budget of €29 million, funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Fund
Since February 1st, the IGDP participates in REPLICATE, “Renaissance of PLaces with Innovative Citizenship And TEchnology”, a project under the program Horizon 2020 funded with 29 million Euros. On February 17-19, the kick-off meeting will take place in San Sebastian. Mila Gascó and Charlotte Fernández will represent the IGDP at this meeting.
More information about REPLICATE here
Institute of Public Governance and Management of ESADE

Report  2013-2014
Enhancing innovation in public organizations through public-private partnerships: The role of public managers
Ysa Figueras, Tamyko; Esteve Laporta, Marc; Longo Martínez, Francisco
In Rethinking public-private partnerships: Strategies for turbulent times
Greve, C.; Hodge, G. (eds.)
Routledge, 2012. p. 98 - 113. Routledge Critical Studies in Public Management
03/03/2011 -  Tamyko Ysa, Principal Researcher of the Research Group for Leadership and Innovation in Public Management (GLIGP), has been appointed to the editorial team of one of the highest-impact academic journals in the field of public management, Public Management Review (PMR),published by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.
The journal is also linked to the International Research Society for Public Management (IRPM)

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