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Spirituality & Creativity in Management World Congress

Main conference language: english (exception: some PDW that will be clearly indicated in the detailed program




Spirituality is synonymous with freedom

Does it make sense to study the importance of spirituality from a management perspective? Is it worthwhile for business schools to highlight the importance of cultivating executives’ inner selves? At ESADE, we are convinced that it is. Our institution is dedicated to guiding the development and growth of committed people in the leadership of organisations. I am therefore delighted at the organisation of this international conference, and I invite you to participate in as many sessions as possible.

Through business schools, the management field must make a twofold contribution. We mustn’t concentrate exclusively on helping executives grow as professionals. It is a mistake to overlook a second essential component: the personal growth of leaders. Here at ESADE, we are committed to building a more just world. Our aim is not to train professionals concerned solely with their own success. Instead, we instil in our students the importance of cultivating their inner selves and staying connected to their basic values.

By focusing on spirituality, we are providing organisations with free individuals and helping executives understand that their purpose is greater than themselves. In short, spirituality makes people freer. Free to accept criticism, free to avoid idleness, free to innovate, free to find new opportunities, and – as the name of your conference suggests – free to be more creative.

I invite you to highlight your commitment to training leaders capable of integrating their professional careers with their personal inner lives. A growing number of organisations, companies and business schools have realised that this is a way to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, to improve society, and to build a more principled economy.