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Welcome Cladea 2014

We are pleased to announce the 49th CLADEA Annual Assembly, to be held in Barcelona from 3rd to 5th September 2014. Thanks to ESADE, the Annual Assembly is returning to Barcelona for the first time in 14 years, with a theme befitting the age in which we live: “Leading in a Global World: Latin America and Europe, New Connections”.

Since our last visit to Barcelona, our association has grown from 107 members in 20 countries to more than 200 members in 30 countries across the globe, as far afield as Oceania.

The Annual Assembly brings together deans, lecturers and researchers, all with projects underway and seeking new opportunities for their institutions. In short, it is the largest academic gathering based in Latin America.

Our last Annual Assembly was held in Rio de Janeiro in October. Hosted by EBAPE/FGV, it drew more than 500 participants and set new records in terms of papers presented and activities organised by CLADEA members under the leadership of President María Helena Jaén.

With ESADE as our host, the 49th CLADEA Annual Assembly offers us the chance to see each other once again at a time when the relative importance of the world’s regions has shifted and globalisation, strategic alliances and peer cooperation are more important than ever.

Barcelona 2014 will be a new milestone in our international relations, and I am confident that we will make the most of it.

We are grateful to ESADE and its management team for the tremendous effort they have put into achieving the proposed goals.

Roberto Solano
President of Cladea
Alberto Zapater
Executive Director of Cladea
Welcome Cladea 2014

Welcome to ESADE’s Barcelona campus, the site of the 49th CLADEA Annual Assembly.

The fruitful relationship between CLADEA and ESADE dates back many years. In September 2000, on the occasion of CLADEA’s 50th anniversary, ESADE hosted the 35th CLADEA Annual Assembly. Now, in 2014, we are proud to be renewing our ties to CLADEA.

ESADE is an academic institution that inspires and trains people and organisations to develop innovative, socially responsible forms of leadership with the aim of building a better future.

Business schools have been taking on an increasingly important role. We have a responsibility to train global leaders who understand economics and business in terms of legitimacy and social impact, to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit, and to foster the creation of new sustainable business models.

This year, the CLADEA Annual Assembly takes on special importance. The theme of the event highlights the need to build bridges of collaboration, taking advantage of globalisation processes in order to establish strong links between institutions so that we may develop the necessary skills to grow in today’s increasingly global world and better serve our respective communities.

CLADEA is a fantastic platform for promoting various forms of learning and collaboration among scholars and institutions. It is also a key organisation for strengthening Latin American business schools so that they may raise their profile in the global academic community.

May your stay in Barcelona be fruitful, in every sense of the word.

Eugenia Bieto
Director General of ESADE
Alfons Sauquet
Dean of ESADE Business School