• 9th Annual Conference, Institute for Social Innovation

9th Annual Conference, Institute for Social Innovation

How can Social Innovation help to reduce inequalities? What is the role of Social Innovation to build inclusive societies? How can we tackle future challenges?


Our societies are facing extraordinary challenges: rising inequality, increasing rates of poverty, youth unemployment, climate change and more. Never has the task of finding a new way of thinking seemed as urgent as it does today – hence the need to consider alternatives that could make it possible to bring about a profound social transformation to solve our current problems. 


What society demands are creative and innovative solutions that will guarantee sustainable and inclusive growth worldwide. These challenges are enormous, yes – but they also offer the right set of circumstances for facing ongoing challenges in a different way, and for making the emergence of social innovation possible. 

When we talk about innovation, we usually overlook its major social component.

At our next Annual Conference next 14th April, various experts will share their knowledge of the main trends in social innovation, so that those of you who are passionate about solving social challenges with a distinct and innovative approach can learn and draw inspiration from their contributions. 

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