My Data My Rules

In the latest edition of Antenna for Social Innovation, My Data My Rules: From data extractivism to digital empowerment, we ask how digital social innovation is meeting demands for a rebalancing of the personal data economy. How can digital platforms empower users with their own personal data? What other uses can be unlocked with personal data and apart from monetary rewards, what other incentives are there to share one’s details. What impact does data governance have on the information kept?  What if we turned data into a common good and data donation was a regular practice under privacy-enhancing, secure conditions?

The main aim of this 7th edition of Antenna is to spark discussion on how the personal data economy could: (1) boost social innova-tion; (2) prompt broader thinking; (3) offer non-monetary incentives for data-sharing.

The authors: Liliana Arroyo, Obaid Amjad and David Murillo.

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