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Academic projects

You have the opportunity to take part in projects, with the support of our academic team. Projects give students the chance to put what they’ve learned into practice. Most of our programmes require students to complete a project in order to graduate.

By offering real challenges for our students to solve, you provide an essential component in their education, and gain the benefit of their insights. Projects include:

MBA Master Project

Share a real challenge with our first year MBA students, who work pro-bono with the support of Monitor Deloitte, ESADE MBA professors and a selected group of partners. It takes place in the spring over a period of two months, at the end of which you will be invited to campus to hear and judge the best solution.  

BBA Capstone Module

Imagining the Future of Business

Final-year bachelor-degree students work as consulting teams to develop scenarios for specific industries. This can help your company and industry to better understand and prepare for an uncertain future. The scenarios have a 2030 time horizon and will be presented to you and the ESADE community at a trade-fair style event.

MSc students Final Project

Our Master of Science in Management students can develop an in-company project at your firm, applying for real the theory they have learned as they tackle a project during a professional internship.