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Welcome to ESADE Careers!

At ESADE, we believe that to build a better world, we must develop better leaders. We inspire and empower talented students to become innovative, socially responsible professionals who can drive change. This academic year, 8,992 students of 104 nationalities are enrolled in ESADE programmes. We have a global network of more than 60,000 alumni.

ESADE Careers plays a key role and is a global benchmark in recruiting international talent. You will work closely with an expert from our Employer Engagement team, who will design with you an optimal hiring and employer-branding strategy to enhance your presence on campus and guarantee efficient and successful hires.

We are delighted to partner with you to help you find the best talent!

  • Maria Obiols
    Director ESADE Careers

"ESADE has historically been one of our target schools, because it has always provided us with very high-quality candidates who are solid across many dimensions (analytics, business judgement, creativity, communications, etc.)"

Sara Egea de la Mata

The Boston Consulting Group, Espanya Senior Recruiting Manager

"We value our partnership with ESADE in our search for a new generation of future leaders who are driven, entrepreneurial and diverse. ESADE is a leading school and we value the entrepreneurial spirit that students develop during their MBA. As a leading financial services company, we advise clients globally on all aspects of finance and every employee plays a vital role in our success"

Victòria Gorria

Credit Suisse Strategic Recruiter IWM Associate Program

"I have been coming to ESADE for the last 2 years interacting with students from different study programs, and I am always positively surprised by the diverse group of creative entrepreneurs, and ESADE’s continuous improvement on how they support students to interact with companies"

Sebastian Prieto

Uber Program Manager, People Operations