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Patrimonial Law Group

Research in the legal sciences must always be sensitive to social changes and propose systems of law that are more efficient for freedom, peace and progress. Drilling down to concrete institutions, the theory of property presents clear functionality and respect for individual freedom.

As jurists, we are interested in and concerned about how freedom – of individuals as well as legal entities – is exercised and limited in decisions affecting property, not only in the context or framework in which the decision takes place but in relation to its content and intrinsic efficacy. In short, property is a space for the projection of personal freedom and a platform for the economic fabric of inter- and supra-individual relationships.


Areas of research

Construction and viability of European private law

Ownership and management of personal property

Modernisation of corporate law

Dimension, protection and limits of private autonomy in contract law

Latest publications

Análisis del nuevo impuesto sobre los activos no productivos de las personas jurídicas en Cataluña: ¿un nuevo impuesto sobre patrimonio para las empresas?

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El principio de sustancia versus forma en el ámbito tributario

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Jurisdiction clauses in international premarital agreements: A comparison between the US and the European system

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Sergio Llebaría Samper
Principal investigator of the Property Law Research Group (Legal Guidelines and Social Change)

Av. Pedralbes, 60-62
E-08034 Barcelona
+(34) 932 806 162 (ext. 2344)