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ESADEgov Network

The ESADEgov was founded to assist in the dissemination of major public management issues and to facilitate relationships between sector professionals. The ESADEgov network plays a crucial role in this process.

ESADEgov network key elements

The ESADEgov network relies on three crucial factors:

  • Its relations with other academic institutions

  • Its relations with the institutional fabric at all levels: Local, autonomous, state and international

  • Its relations with alumni

Academic Network

The ESADEgov is an active member of many important international academic networks; and it has also signed ongoing cooperation agreements with prestigious international universities:

Institutional Cooperation

The ESADEgov supports public organizations in carrying out projects that involve innovation, training and improvement in management. Through a series of agreements for cooperation, ESADEgov shares perspectives and training initiatives with the following institutions and public administrations, in Spain and elsewhere: