Barcelona, 3 April 2019

Exoticca receives Best Startup of the Year award from ESADE Alumni and Banco Sabadell’s BStartup

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Barcelona, 3 April 2019

Exoticca receives Best Startup of the Year award from ESADE Alumni and Banco Sabadell’s BStartup

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Barcelona, 26 February 2019

Minerva CEO Ben Nelson: “Artificial intelligence and virtual reality will become more important in the education system of the future”

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Barcelona, 6 February 2019

ESADE consolidates its position as an official academic collaborator of 4 Years From Now

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Andorra la Vella, 25 January 2019

ESADE and the Government of Andorra will collaborate to provide entrepreneurial training in high schools

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Geneva, 13 December 2018

ESADE, IED and UPC students at CERN come up with solutions for sustainable development

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EEI organizes and participates in various outreach activities, through events, competitions, clubs, and the media.


Organized by EEI


Led by Professor Marcel Planellas from the ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute, the Creativity for Business Innovation Challenge (C4BI) is a competition organized by elBullifoundation and ESADE for students at ESADE Business School. The objective of C4BI is to apply the concept of creative process auditing in a business. ‘Creative process auditing is a tool for obtaining the greatest efficiency in innovation and, in particular, for ensuring that this efficiency has longevity,’ explained renowned chef and elBullifoundation founder Ferran Adrià. ‘C4BI is a unique and exciting challenge: we’ll be entering a new world’.

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3S Manage for Impact Conference

Event focused on best practices in impact management. Addressed to all those actors that want to maximize their positive Social Impact.

The ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute was the strategic partner of the event.

Date: 27-28 September 2018
Place: Barcelona

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Organized entirely by E3 student sssociation, takes place every year since 2011. A whole day with international speakers within the framework of the TED project. 2018 edition it was based in inspiring stories about the trends of tomorrow. Biotech, Health, Sports, Sharing Economies, Education and Marketing were some of the discussed topics.

2019 edition will take place on May 9th.

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Start Now!

This event is connecting the dots around innovation and entrepreneurship by organizing a yearly 2-day entrepreneurial conference on the campus of ESADE in Sant Cugat, Barcelona. This event organized by E3 student association, is an interaction-centric and exceptional entrepreneurial conference in Barcelona. 2018 edition focused on "Next Generation of Builders" Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and Cryptocurrencies.

2019 edition will take place on March 9th.

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EEI Participation


4YFN is the start-up business platform of Mobile World Congress that enables start-ups, investors, corporations and public institutions to discover, create and launch new ventures together. It offers unique connecting initiatives, such as custom networking activities, technical abilities workshops, congresses, community outreach and open innovation programs. We believe that the start-up culture is the driving force for change in the economic and social fabric and, of course, Barcelona being a global tech hub is the ideal location for such creation and nurture.

In the 2018 edition, ESADE has become the academic partner of 4YFN and moved part of its campus to the venue of the event within the framework of the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Students from various ESADE programs were on site for three days, attending classes and lectures on three major subjects: robotics, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship.



The EEI connects students with highly acclaimed competitions related to entrepreneurship.

Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC)

The GSVC is an international competition started in 1999 by MBA students at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business that empowers the next generation of social entrepreneurs by providing them with mentoring, exposure, and prize money to transform their ideas into fundable, scalable ventures that address the world’s most pressing challenges using technology for good. Teams from across the globe learn how to design scalable models using the “Lean Startup” methodology, a process that emphasizes stakeholder discovery, business innovation, and social impact assessment.

The EEI is the competition outreach partner for Spain.

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Hult Prize

Hult Prize is an international start-up accelerator competition for young entrepreneurs promoted by the Hult International Business School and the United Nations Foundation that crowd-sources ideas from MBA and college students after challenging them to solve a pressing social issue around topics such as food security, water access, energy, and education.

Every Year, the MBA Entrepreneurship Club organizes the competition

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The EEI organizes events and competitions with the student-led clubs in entrepreaneurship, while also providing them with support in their activities.


Our faculty and researchers work is regularly distinguished in various media outlets, including TV appearances and news articles. Some of the most significant media highlights:

  • Dr. Jan Brinckmann

    Laboratorios del éxito para que una 'start up' dé sus primeros pasos (Expansión.com, 25 July 2018)

    Reinventar sectores tradicionales, El Dorado para las 'start up' (Expansión.com, 7 May 2018)

    Ventajas de un 'Erasmus' para emprendedores (Expansión.com, 5 March 2018)

    Acelere su 'start up' de la mano de una gran empresa (Expansión.com, 9 January 2018)


  • Ruth Aguilera

    Josep Piqué: de professió exministre (ARA, 14 April 2018)


  • Dr. Luisa Alemany

    Última semana para participar en Cleantech Camp 2018 (Energías Renovables,17 January 2018)

    Cleantech Camp abre nueva convocatoria para 2018 (Comunicae España, 9 February 2018)

    Transferencia tecnológica y emprendimiento renovable en Cleantech Camp 2018 (EnergyNews, 13 February 2018) 


  • Dr. Xavier Busquets Carretero

    La dimensión política de la digitalización industrial (El Periódico, 28 May 2018)

    Los expertos dan las claves sobre la cuarta revolución industrial (El Periódico, 27 May 2018)


  • Dr. Alberto Gimeno

    Directivos de alquiler (Expansión.com, 22 April 2018)


  • Lotta Hassi

    Un traje sensorial para 'vivir' catástrofes humanitarias (EL PAÍS, 3 January 2018)


  • Lisa Hehenberger

    Lisa Hehenberger named Director of ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute (Science Business, 6 September 2017)

    Lisa Hehenberger, nueva directora del ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI) (Informaria Digital, 11 September 2017)

    España busca integrarse en el GSG, organismo internacional de inversiones de impacto (Compromiso Empresarial, 8 May 2018)

    Crean grupo de trabajo para que España se adhiera al GSG de inversión social (EFE Empresas, 8 May 2018)

  • María José Parada

    Javier Carda: «Kerajet ha marcado un antes y un después en la industria cerámica» (levante.emv.com, 17 September. 2017)

    Las familias emprendedoras europeas crean más de seis empresas de media a lo largo de sus vidas, según ESADE (Europa Press, 8 January 2018)


  • Pedro Parada

    El robot Pepper hace de asistente en una clase de universidad (EFE futuro, 27 February 2018)


  • Marcel Planellas

    Aprofundim en el concepte d'auditoria creativa amb el professor d'Esade Sant Cugat Marcel Planellas (cugat.cat, 5 December 2017)

  • Lourdes Urriolagoitia

    El caso de ESADE sobre Veritas obtiene el reconocimiento internacional de la North American Case Research Association (NACRA) (elEconomista.es, 6 November 2017)


  • Dr. Luis Vives


    Cumple 10 años el MBA que forma a líderes empresariales en Iberoamérica (Forbes Mexico,14 sept. 2017)

    IESE, IE y ESADE entre los mejores MBA internacionales del ranking de Forbes (EFE Empresas, 25 sept. 2017)

    MBA muy viajeros (EL PAÍS, 17 sept. 2018)

    El 'boom' de las criptomonedas llega a las universidades españolas (Cinco Días, 24 mar. 2018)

    Pupitres escasos de mujeres en las escuelas de negocios (EL PAÍS, 30 abr. 2018)

    Innovar para sobrevivir en un entorno global (AméricaEconomía.com, 30 abr. 2018)


     Quiero un trabajo mejor, ¿tengo que volver a estudiar? (EL PAÍS, 16 may. 2018)

    ESADE Business School Pioneers 'Creactivism' A New Approach To Business Education (BusinessBecause, 30 jul. 2018)

    MBA Programs in Spain: Study in a Sun-Soaked Entrepreneur’s Paradise (FIND MBA, 11 jun. 2018)