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Ethical Research

ESADE is committed to promoting and upholding the highest quality academic and ethical standards in all its activities. ESADE seeks to protect the dignity, rights and welfare of all those involved in research (whether they are participants, third parties or staff and students). To this end, robust research governance procedures and policies must underpin all research at ESADE and ensure that ethical review procedures take into account:


  • Best practice with regard to
    ethical considerations in research 

  • Meeting all legislative, regulatory,
    and funder requirements 

  • Safeguarding the reputation
    of ESADE 

The Committee on the Use of Human Subjects in Research (CUHSR) will assist you in this process.

We will work on transparency, being a contact point for questions about ethics and facilitate research approval processes.

Terms of reference

Getting your research approved

Any research that involves working with humans (participants in the research or experiment) independent of its nature or topic, must be revised by the CUHSR.

Prior to starting your research you must:


How long will it take?

Low-risk projects

Ethical review of low-risk projects at ESADE is carried out by the Committee on the Use of Human Subjects in Research directly. The review procedure and approval will be within 30 days of receipt of the completed review request and supporting documents. 

Higher-risk projects

Higher-risk projects are initially reviewed by the CUHSR and then referred to the Research Ethics Committee of the Ramon Llull University (CER-URL) together with the appropriate supporting documents. The CER-URL review meetings are scheduled once/trimester, unless an extraordinary meeting is expressly and justifiably requested. Dates of upcoming meetings can be obtained upon request to the CUHSR or CER-URL.