Inspiring Stories

Inspiring stories

Every year, a new graduating class joins the ranks of ESADE’s alumni. Each class features success stories – and in many cases, these stories are playing out all over the world. For some alumni, success means joining an international NGO; for others, it means working for an important global institution like NATO.

Here you can learn more about their stories and draw inspiration from them: they are examples of the career opportunities that ESADE’s Double Degree in Law + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order will open up to you.

Marta Llonch
Pro bono lawyer working in Greek refugee camps
Bachelor in Law

Marta discovered her motivation by participating in ESADE’s SUD solidarity internships and decided to pursue a career in the world of human rights. After graduating, she spent some time working for an NGO in Brussels. But she wanted to help people on the ground, so she quit her office job and travelled to the refugee camps of northern Greece. There, she helped individuals and families with their asylum applications – a long, complicated process in which a lawyer’s help can mean the difference between starting a new life in Europe and having to return to Syria or Afghanistan. Although she is dedicated to helping these refugees, Marta has “big picture” dreams of addressing the root of the problem and working to create a fairer system.


Lucía Rico​
First Secretary of the Spanish Delegation to NATO
Bachelor and Master in Law

Ever since she was very young, Lucía dreamed of becoming a diplomat. After graduating from ESADE, she decided to take the competitive examination to enter the diplomatic corps. She failed the first time, but she kept studying until she finally passed. Today, she is Spain’s representative at NATO and a clear example of how far you can go with “hard work and enthusiasm”, as she likes to say. She dreamed of being a diplomat and became a high-ranking international official.

What about you? Where will the Double Degree in Law + Global Governance take you?

Take inspiration from these alumni, and remember: with ESADE, if you want to, you can.