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Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order


Would you like to work as a consultant in international politics or economics? Would you like to be part of organisations such as UNESCO, WHO, or the European Union? With a Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order you will be able to help solve the political, economic, and legal issues facing governments and organisations worldwide. Not only will you have a solid background in global governance, but you will also have the added value of a specialisation in politics or global economics, and an expert knowledge of a geographic area of ​​the world.

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Why study for a Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order?

  • Multidisciplinary training

    International governance + geopolitics + international law + economics
    You will be trained in a wide range of fundamental issues for global governance – including: international legal systems; human rights; cybersecurity; macroeconomics, geopolitics, international institutions, and the environment.

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  • Specialisation in a geographic area of the world

    You can choose between Asia, Maghreb and the Middle East, Latin America, or four English-speaking nations (UK, USA, Canada and Australia). Specialising in these areas will enable you to offer expert advice to companies and organisations around the world working in your specialisation.

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  • Languages

    The degree is taught entirely in English and offers significant language training: to strengthen your geographical specialty, you will study Spanish and French, GermanMandarin or Arabic.

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  • Study in Barcelona and abroad

    The course is studied in one of the world’s most interesting and engaging cities – Barcelona. However, your geographical specialisation is studied in a university in the area you have chosen. In addition, you can study certain subjects at universities in other countries during short stays that will enable you to widen your international experience.

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  • Learning based on experience: learning by doing

    Solve practical cases and simulate court cases in the faculty courtroom. You can also participate in international moot courts and in simulations of United Nations sessions.

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  • Professional Internships

    In the third and fourth years, you can gain work experience in international organisations such as the European Court of Auditors, the World Bank, and UNESCO. In the third year, you can carry out solidarity internships in countries such as Bolivia, Cambodia, Tanzania or Costa Rica.

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Choose a track: Global Economics or Global Politics

In the second year you must choose the track that will decide the orientation of your degree: you can choose either political science or economics.

  • Global Economics

    Become an expert in international economics
    In this track, you will learn to understand and analyse how the world economy works. Subjects include macroeconomics, mathematics, and statistics (some of the key content studied in an economics degree).

  • Global Politics

    Understand world politics
    In this specialisation, you will study political science and globalisation, international politics, and conflict management, as well as geopolitics and natural resources.

An international and multidisciplinary training is your differential value

Political, social, and economic events can no longer be understood from a single perspective, a multidisciplinary perspective is necessary. Nations, and their institutions and companies, interact and relate constantly. Professional experts with a deep knowledge of international transactions are increasingly needed to monitor regulations in different countries, and the geopolitical and economic issues that shape reality.

With the Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order you will be one of these experts: you will be trained to analyse from a multidisciplinary point of view all types of international relations and provide solutions to the conflicts that public and private organisations face in a global environment. Understanding how the world works will enable you to influence the world, and this will ensure that your contribution is essential for companies and organisations.


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    Private University in Spain for a Bachelor in Law, El Mundo 2019

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Course description

Official degree: from Ramon Llull University

Duration: 4 years

Start Date: September 2020

Intake: 50

Class language: English

Language learning: Spanish + French, German, Arabic or Mandarin

Professional Internship: in international organisations, or companies related to your political or economic specialisation.

Exchange: One semester must be studied in a university within your geographic area of expertise.

Where: ESADE Barcelona-Sant Cugat campus

Fees for the year 2020-2021: €16,950

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