Exchange Programme

Experience Living and Learning Abroad

In year four you’ll build your international experience by spending a semester abroad at one of the world’s 81 best universities. The exchange programme is a personal and professional growth experience in many ways: you’ll learn to live in another country, immerse yourself in its culture, and adapt to different styles of leaning and doing business.

The mindset, awareness and understanding you’ll develop through the exchange are highly valued by employers and form the foundation of a successful international career.

Which one will you choose?


United States


Latin America



What the Exchange Programme Gives You


Education at a prestigious international university.

New ways of understanding business and management.

A self-defined syllabus to study the subjects that fit your goals.

The opportunity to improve a language you’ve studied or learn another.


The enjoyment of life on-campus and in the city where you’re staying.

New friendships with students and professors in other countries.

A clean slate to define yourself and rise to challenges in a different environment.