Syllabus – Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

General Management + Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR and Digital Innovation

The ESADE Bachelor of Business Administration degree syllabus combines general management fundamentals with specialist subjects, giving you in-depth understanding of the key functional areas of a business: how to plan marketing strategies, how company finances work, how to manage human resources and how to drive digital innovation projects such as apps and websites.

When you graduate, you’ll be able to offer something valuable to employers: an understanding of not just how companies work as a whole but also how their different functional areas and departments connect and affect each other.

Your syllabus

First Academic Year



In year one you’ll learn the basic theories of management (economics, accounting etc.) combined with electives chosen from: Economics, Finance & Accounting; Operation, Innovation & Data Science, People Management and Organisation, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Strategy and General Management.


This is an intense year full of academic challenges – as you get to know the programme,  professors and exam requirements –  but also full of experiences outside the classroom. You’ll take part in the vast range of student associations and activities that comprise university life at ESADE.

First academic year subjects

Second Academic Year

Deeper Understanding


In year two you’ll move beyond the basics to gain deeper understanding of subjects including economics, sociology and statistics, and begin specialist subjects such as finance, marketing and operations. 


By year two you’ll be settled into your studies. You’ll know how to make the most of life on campus and the opportunities it presents.

Second academic year subjects

Third Academic Year

Intense Studies and Volunteer Internship


The syllabus intensifies in year three with extra assignments and increased electives in new areas including strategy and organisation, marketing, operations and supply chain, and Social Track, which includes electives focused on the social aspects of management. In summer you can take part in a voluntary solidarity initiative internship in Latin America, Africa or Asia through the University Development Service (SUD).


Your last year on campus. Students in year three are usually heavily involved with associations and often organise activities related to their career interests. This active engagement is highly valued by employers. You will also be able to choose your exchange university and internship destination for year four.

Third academic year subjects

Fourth Academic Year

Internship and International Exchange


In year four you’ll develop your international mindset and gain practical experience. You’ll go on a long-term exchange with one of the world’s best 81 business schools. You’ll also spend four months on an internship with a leading company in Spain or abroad – a superb opportunity to get a foot on the professional ladder.  To put what you’ve learned during the programme into practice, you’ll work on an individual project to be submitted at the end of the academic year. You can choose to develop business plan, an in-company business project connected with your internship work, or a Final Thesis. Finally, to round off the academic year, you will participate in a unique practical experience: the Capstone Module: Imagine the Future of Business in 2030, a consulting experience in which you will advise real companies on the best strategy to succeed in the possible future scenarios for their industry.


You’ll take big strides forward both personally and professionally. A term abroad will bring new friends, a new lifestyle and the chance to get to know a new culture. It’s an intense experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. During your internship you’ll have a real job in a real company, with day-to-day responsibilities that allow you to rapidly develop your abilities and round off your BBA experience.

Fourth academic year subjects