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Important information for international students admitted to ESADE degree programmes

When it comes to matriculating at ESADE, you must provide documentary proof that you meet the academic requirements for university entrance in the education system in which you received secondary schooling.

Depending on the education system in which you took university studies (see table below), you must follow one or other procedure to demonstrate that you meet our entrance requirements:

Bear in mind obtaining UNED accreditation or official recognition of your secondary studies are matters that lie beyond ESADE’s control. In other words, it is your duty and yours alone to provide the necessary documents for matriculation by the deadline.

Students who must present the accreditation issued by the Spanish National Distance Learing University (UNEDasiss)

Students from education systems of the European Union, China, Switzerland, Norway or countries that have signed international agreements with Spain, and (as well as) students who have the International or European Baccalaureate must present the credential issued by UNEDasiss and meet the university entry requirements of their country of origin.

UNEDasiss is responsible for the verification of compliance with the university access requirements for students from the above-mentioned education systems and the issuance of the appropriate accreditation.

Please note that the accreditation from the UNEDasiss  is a must-have to be able to enrol in ESADE.

Candidate access from other educational systems

This access is for candidates from educational systems such as those in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, etc.

Bear in mind that we refer here to educational systems and not specific countries.

Please consult the complete list of affected educational systems. Candidates from these educational systems are required to have their secondary education studies recognised in order to be able to register at ESADE.

Also, please note that this process can take approximately four to six months to complete. Therefore, it is essential you begin this process as soon as you have all the required documentation ready.

Below are the different steps you need to take to have your secondary education studies recognised. Please read and follow them carefully.

Steps to recognise secondary studies:

Fill in the corresponding application.



> Pay the corresponding fee to recognise your studies via bank transfer to the following bank account pertaining to the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports: ES41 0182 2370 4402 00203771; bank: BBVA; address: Calle Alcalá, 16, 28014-Madrid (Spain); swift code: BBVAESMMXXX  (form)



> Validate your documents as follows:


·  If they’re not in Spanish, you need to forward a legalised copy as well as an official translation by a sworn translator authorised or registered in Spain.


· The original documents have to be duly legalised. Depending on the country of origin, this process can be done in one of two ways:

- If you carried out your secondary education studies at one of the member countries of the Hague Convention, you will have to contact the following authorities to legalise your documents: competent authorities by country.

- Other countries: Legalisation via diplomatic channels in the candidates’ countries of origin and in the following order of preference:

· Ministry of Education for educational certificates and degrees.
· Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
· Countries’ diplomatic or consular offices in Spain (where candidates can also make notarised copies of their documents, taking the original documents with them and directly proceeding with the process to recognise their studies).



> Obtain a notarised copy of the documents, taking the already legalised original documents to the competent authorities (issuing academic institution, notary public, consulates, etc.).



Present your application with the following documents at Spain’s diplomatic or consular offices in your country of origin. If already in Spain, present your application and documents at the following authorised locations.


> The recognition process takes approximately 4 months. Consequently, to register for programmes in Spain, you must present the Conditional Registration Voucher while awaiting official recognition.


List of documents to present with your application to recognise your studies

> Certified photocopy of candidates’ ID document (national ID, passport, etc.) and, in case of a representative presenting the application on behalf of the candidate, the original power of attorney authorising said representative to act on the candidate’s behalf.


> Certified copy of the degree the candidate wants to have recognised. This copy must be of the legalised document itself. 


> Certified copy of the candidate’s academic transcript, detailing the classes studied, the marks/grades obtained and the corresponding academic years (the three last years to have secondary studies recognised as equivalents to the Spanish baccalaureate). The copy has to be of the legalised document. 


> Receipt of having paid the corresponding processing fee.


> The duly completed application form.


> The duly completed Conditional Registration Voucher.


Download the official documents and its translation

Application Form (translation)

Conditional Registration Voucher (translation)

Processing fee form (translation)

For further information

Please contact Spain’s Diplomatic or Consular offices in your country of origin.