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Recruiting timelines

Recruiting timelines

Availability Chart ESADE Business School 2019-2020

MBA: Master in Business Administration

BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration

GDB: Double Degree BBA & Law

MSc:  Master of Science in Management Programmes
MSc in Finance
MSc in International Management
MSc in Marketing Management
MSc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
MSc in Business Analytics
MSc in Global Strategic Management

*Not available for Part-time Internship

Availability Chart ESADE Law School 2019-2020

MUA: Double Master in Legal Practice + Specialization Master

LAW: Bachelor in Law

BGG: Double Degree in Law & Global Governance

GBD: Double Degree BBA & Law

AGT: Master of Tax Consulting and Management

DIN: Master of International Business Law

IT+IP: Master in Law of ICT, Social Networks and Intellectual Property