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Colourful Minds: Creating Colourful Futures

In every bright light, there is a spectrum of different colours. In every great project, there is a spectrum of different talents.

ESADE brings together  diverse students with different goals in its portfolio of MSc Programmes in Management

Like you, all of the students are committed to giving their career the best-possible start at one of the world’s leading business schools. Like you, they’re intelligent, curious, ambitious and hardworking. They believe in teamwork and supportive growth. But they’re also all different. A spectrum of colourful minds, each with unique strengths and goals. Coming together to create brighter, more colourful futures. 


Choose your colour, choose your MSc Programme

Business Analytics *

Finance *

Global Strategic Management *

Innovation & Entrepreneurship *

International Management *

Marketing Management *


Double Degrees

* Official Programme. More information

Key information

  • Duration

    One academic year Full Time

    Start date: September 2020

  • Location

    Barcelona (Spain)

  • Language


5 reasons to choose our MSc Programmes

  • Become a professional
  • Become an expert
  • Get a global mindset
  • Maximise your talents
  • Change your life

Our reputation

  • #3

    Best in the world for International Mobility, Financial Times 2018

  • #4

    MSc in International Management, QS 2019

  • #7

    MSc in Business Analytics, QS 2019

  • #7

    MSc in Finance, QS 2019

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