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"Empleo con impacto social: El caso de Momentum Project"
For more than forty years, certain companies in Spain have trained and created jobs for people with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion. These are companies that, even as they compete on the market, offering a product or service, also provide access to job opportunities for people who face serious challenges finding work.
Mujeres con Impacto. Ecosistema de mujeres emprendedoras sociales en España
Spain is home to more than 650,000 women entrepreneurs. To talk about female social entrepreneurship is to talk about factors that contribute significantly to change and progress in contemporary societies. We encourage you to learn more about this study by the Institute for Social Innovation, EY Foundation and Abertis Foundation.
Antena for Social  Innovation: "We Share. Who Wins?"
This fourth publication of Antenna for Social Innovation Institute brings us closer to one of the most fascinating and controversial changes taking place in our economic environment: the so-called collaborative economy.
Audio conference Sally Uren: ''Using the future to transform today. How innovation can be the super highway between the future and the present''
Danone, Ecosystem Fund and Ana Bella Foundation Project: Balanc & Prospects (2011-14).
This report contains the analysis of the social impact of Ana Bella School for Social Empowerment (ESAB ) in order to evaluate the project carried out by Danone  and Ana Bella Foundation  since 2011.
Old Clothes, New Social Enterprises: The cases of Roba Amiga and two initiatives in Senegal
Download the study “Old Clothes, New Social Enterprises" by Daniel Arenas, Solange Hai, Pablo Sánchez and Alessandro Siclari of the Institute for Social Innovation (With the cooperation of the promoter of the Institute, Abertis Foundation)

Download here

"Antenna for Social Innovation: The Quest for Precision"
We have at your disposal the thrid edition on Antenna for Social Innovation, by David Murillo and Heloise Buckland.

Download book  (English)

53% of female entrepreneurs undertake projects that can have a social impact
The survey, conducted by WISE project of the Institute for Social Innovation, detects a lack of female social entrepreneurs to serve as role models. Read more

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