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"ONG del conocimiento: Influir para el impacto social "
The ESADE-PwC Social Leadership Programme is a joint initiative of the ESADE Institute for Social Innovation and the PwC Foundation. Over the course of ten editions, the aim of this programme has been to create useful knowledge for addressing the future challenges of the third sector. We trust that the last study of the 2017-2018 academic year, Knowledge NGOs: Influencing for Social Impact, will help many entities develop an interest, learn, experiment and advance in order to become knowledge organisations, and tap into the benefits that this entails in terms of invigorating their influence capacity and advancing their mission. We believe that social entities should not limit themselves to learning; they should go a step further – gathering and transferring knowledge both internally and externally – in order to enhance their social impact by strengthening their capacity for influence.
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"La revolución digital ante los grandes retos del mundo: 100 iniciativas de innovación social digital que están transformando América Latina"
This study explores the convergence between the social sector, innovation and information and communication technologies and its enormous potential when it comes to solving the economic disparities and the most critical social and environmental challenges currently in Latin America. 
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Training in leadership and management for NGOs
ESADE's Institute for Social Innovation offer two training programmes for individuals with management responsibility in third sector organisations.

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Digital transformation in the NGOs. Concepts, solutions and practical cases"
We present you a study, made with the colaboration of PwC, which should to be a guide to help you NGOs to think and act in the currrent process of digital transformations that non lucrative organitzations are facing.

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Gender Lens Investing: An Opportunity for the European Social Enterprise Ecosystem"
We present you the Gender Lens Investing: An Opportunity for the European Social Enterprise Ecosystem'. a study that wants to bring an answer to the difficulties that enterprising woman have to face.

December 12th, at ESADE Madrid, we presented the Spanish-European version of the publication, where the barriers to access to funding faced by Spanish women entrepreneurs are studied in greater depth, as well as inspiring practical initiatives to move towards greater social awareness in the social enterprise sector in Spain.

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.Labs for Social Innovation: a review
With an overview of the social innovation labs movement that has developed in recent years, and a review of the key material it has generated – including method guides and critical reflections, this report becomes a reference point for the accumulation of knowledge so that efforts are not replicated, lessons are learned, and the full potential of labs is realised. We also hope that it be-comes a source of inspiration for joined action across sectors, particularly between higher edu-cation institutions, foundations, and businesses that want to make a positive social impact. .

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Un recorrido por 47 empresas sociales: Inspiración y aprendizaje.
This book is composed of stories of people and analysis of business models that will be inspiring and instructive, both for those who have ever dreamed about bringing positive change in the society as well as for those who are most introduced in the world of business, which will learn how to supply markets with limited resources creating impact. This book will also be of great interest to politicians, philanthropists, university students, university professors and even journalists.

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Antena de Innovación Social:
Confiados y confiables. La fabricación de la confianza en la era digital.

At the beginning of the so-called fourth industrial revolution, talking about social innovation requires have our eye on the digital economy. Building trust is the guiding principle of many initiatives and remains the cornerstone of this new digital economy. Observing the new forms that it adopts in these moments of change is essential to understand the future of our society. A study by Liliana Arroyo, David Murillo and Esther Val for the Institute of Social Innovation of ESADE with the support of the EY Foundation.

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La transición hacia una economía baja en carbono. Una mirada sobre el sector financiero y el sector alimentario.
Desertification forecasts calculate that 50% of Spain’s territory will be uncultivable in 2040: What are food and beverage companies doing to minimise this impact?

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Innovating in search of sustainability: citizens, companies and entrepreneurs
Download the study "Innovating in search of sustainability: citizens, companies and entrepreneurs" by Sonia Ruiz, Daniel Arenas, Jennifer Goodman and Solange Hai.
Mujeres con Impacto. Ecosistema de mujeres emprendedoras sociales en España
Spain is home to more than 650,000 women entrepreneurs. To talk about female social entrepreneurship is to talk about factors that contribute significantly to change and progress in contemporary societies. We encourage you to learn more about this study by the Institute for Social Innovation, EY Foundation and Abertis Foundation.

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