About IIK

Our research group has emerged due to the emphasis laid today on innovation and learning processes within organizations, and the centrality of knowledge in management. Some of our scholars concentrate their work in the field of knowledge creation, application and dissemination while others pursue research into the rapidly-changing realm of innovation and new technologies, looking at new structures within and beyond traditional organizations.

This group is fascinated by the new technological infrastructures and novel opportunities available for the generation, distribution and consumption of social, scientific and cultural discourse where knowledge, learning, dissemination and new technological applications of knowledge collide, often in surprising ways.

The group is interested in where knowledge and innovation come from, how it spreads and evolves, and how it affects those who use and consume it. We are witnessing a vast new range of organizational forms, innovation tools, and technology platforms that enable original knowledge generation and its further exploitation by organizations. The sites of new knowledge range from “big science” to small start-ups, from multinationals to city-states. But the full range of opportunities and consequences of these novel innovation platforms are unexplored.

Our goal is to focus the talent of some of the leading thinkers in the field to better understand these new innovation systems: their theoretical foundations, mechanisms, possibilities, and costs; with the aim of informing users, managers and policy makers on their optimal use and potential.

Main research areas include:
  • Innovation and Innovation Management
  • Knowledge Management and organizational learning
  • Rhetoric and narratives in Management
  • Innovation Platforms & Ecosystems


Jonathan Wareham
Director of the Institute
Laura Castellucci
European Project Manager
Victoria Cochrane
European Project Manager

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