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Cristina Giménez Thomsen, PhD

Associate Professor of the Department of Operations Management and Innovation

Email: cristina.gimenez@esade.edu
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Cristina graduated Summa cum Laude from the Doctorate in Business Administration at Universitat de Barcelona and obtained the Institute of Logistics (UK) Prize for the most outstanding student of the year in the MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Cranfield University. Her teaching and research interests are Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain integration processes and Sustainable Supply Chain Management.

Her recent papers have been published in International Journal of Operations and Production Management, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Journal of Supply Chain Management, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management and The International Journal of Logistics Management. Cristina has teaching experience both in Operations Management and Supply Chain Management in undergraduate, graduate and in-company courses.

Annachiara Longoni, PhD

Assistant Professor of the Department of Operations Management and Innovation
Email: annachiara.longoni@esade.edu

Annachiara Longoni is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Operations and Innovation Management at ESADE. She holds a PhD in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. She previously spent a period as visiting scholar at Schulich School of Business - York University (Canada).
Her research explores new manufacturing and supply chain paradigms related to sustainability management, emerging in local and global environments. In her PhD dissertation, she investigated the role of organizational practices in sustainable operations strategies to optimize the triple bottom line.

Joan Rodon Mòdol, PhD

Associate Professor of the Department of Information Systems

Email: joan.rodon@esade.edu
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Joan has a PhD in Management from the Universitat Ramón Llull and is a Computer Engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. His research focuses on the processes of standardization, implementation, use and institutionalization of inter-organizational information systems with emphasis on the interactions between information technologies and organizations over time.

His research has been published in the Information Systems Journal, Decision Support Systems, Journal of Information Technology, Communications of the ACM, International Journal of Electronic Markets, Journal of Enterprise Information Management and at several international conferences.

He is a member of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), the Academy of Management (AOM), and the European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS).

Feliciano Sesé Muniategui, PhD

Associate Professor of the Department of Information Systems

Email: feliciano.sese@esade.edu
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Feliciano Sese is an Associate Professor in the Information Systems Department at ESADE, Universitat Ramon Llull. His teaching activity is focused on the management and conceptual modelling of databases and on information systems analysis and design.

His research interests are the study of the notion of information, currently one of the most frequently used but least understood concepts, which can be critical in the success or failure of many information systems projects; and the study of implementation and institutionalization of information systems projects at the intra-firm and inter-firm level.

He has published in the Journal of Information Technology, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Information Systems, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) and European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS).

Vicenta Sierra Olivera, PhD

Associate Professor of the Department of Quantitative Methods

Email: vicenta.sierra@esade.edu
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She has always been linked to the sphere of statistics, both teaching and research aspects. Although initially her research work was specialized in the study of the statistical techniques applied to single-case designs, she has subsequently participated, as a data analyst, in research focused on different applied fields. More recently she has directed her research toward the mathematical and statistical analysis of social systems, studies closely related to human resource management, group dynamics and interpersonal perception.

As for teaching, her activity has been centred on teaching descriptive, interference and multivariate statistics, together with training on various computer applications for the statistical analysis of data. She has also participated in several educational innovation initiatives, in which she helped to prepare different materials for teaching statistics.

She has lectured at ESADE since 1997.

Frank Wiengarten, PhD

Assistant Professor of the Department of Operations Management and Innovation

Email: frank.wiengarten@esade.edu

Frank Wiengarten has completed his PhD degree entitled "Measuring the performance impact of electronic business applications in buyer-supplier relationships within the German automotive industry" in September 2008 (Ulster Business School, UK). After completing his PhD he worked as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the UCD Smurfit School of Business (Dublin, Ireland). Besides his academic career he has worked for various well-known consultancy and logistic firms such as Price Waterhouse Coopers and the DB Schenker Group.
Frank currently conducts research in the areas of supply chain management, sustainability and quality management.

Esteban Koberg

 PhD Candidate in Management Sciences
Email: esteban.koberg@esade.edu
Esteban Koberg is a PhD candidate in Management Science at ESADE Business School, Universitat Ramon Llull. He holds a Master in Business Administration from Adolfo Ibanez University in Chile, a Master in Management Research from ESADE Business School and a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. His research interests are in the areas of global supply chain management, sustainability, inter-organizational networks and governance. Prior to joining ESADE’s PhD programme, Esteban was a junior lecturer in Adolfo Ibanez University in Chile, teaching undergraduate and open enrollment courses. Prior to joining academia he held leadership roles in IBM Costa Rica, working with global clients such as P&G and Nestle. Additionally, he has consulted for firms in Chile and Costa Rica.