Admission requirements

Academic background

Candidates must have completed a minimum of 240 ECTS credits [1] as part of university degree or postgraduate studies. Further they need to hold a degree qualification in Business/Management or hold a degree (Economics, Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, etc…) with at least 18 credits in Business/Management [2]. Candidates with diplomas or who have incomplete university studies will not be admitted.
[1] Exceptionally, excellent candidates with bachelors of 180 ECTS can be admitted in the MRes programme. To meet the requirements of the PhD programme in terms of ECTS credits required, those MRes candidates continuing with the PhD programme with an official degree of less than 240 ECTS credits will have the opportunity to take additional courses during a second year of the MRes programme.
[2] Candidates with less than 18 credits in business/management will be requested to take courses prior joining the MRes.

Required documentation (in addition to degree qualification)

In addition to the required degree qualification, candidates should:


> Submit the transcripts of their previous studies. Transcripts should provide information on the grading system of the university (maximum grade that can be achieved and minimum grade needed to pass).


> The programme is taught entirely in English. A number of language aptitude tests are accepted. Minimum scores required for entry are as follows (Valid only for two years): TOEFL: 100, IELTS: 7.0, Certificate in Advanced English: B, Certificate of Proficiency in English: or PTE Academic: 72. If your mother tongue is English or if you have taken your university studies in this language (minimum of 3 academic years), it is not necessary for you to demonstrate your level of English through an language aptitude test, provided that you present the corresponding documentation to justify this exemption.


> GMAT or GRE test results (valid for 5 years).


> Submit an application form.


> Two letters of recommendation concerning the candidate’s academic development and experience in research.

Professional experience

Work experience is NOT a requirement to be admitted to the Master of Research in Management Sciences.

Admission process

When to apply

The admission process is continuous, so we are already receiving admission applications for the next Master of Research in Management Sciences which will begin in September (single intake). The application process starts in October and finishes at the end of May. However, we recommend that you begin the admission process as soon as possible.
Candidates from outside the European Union should also take into account the additional time needed for visa applications

How to apply

  • 1. Submit your Application Form

    To begin the process, you need to send an Application Form to Admissions. 
    With the e-mail address and the password that you will provide us you will be able to access your application file and update/modify it.

  • 2. Send us the required documentation

    > Your university academic record
    > Language Aptitude test results (TOEFLIELTSTOEIC
    > GMAT or GRE score (When taking the exam, please indicate the code of ESADE's PhD: GMAT:93M-3K-62, GRE: 5761).
    > CV
    > 2 letters of recommendation
    > Photocopy of ID card or passport

  • 3. Interview

    Interviews can be made by telephone/skype or face-to-face.