Law + geopolitics + international economics + specialisation in a particular region + Global Politics or Global Economics track

The curriculum of the Bachelor in Law + Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order combines a solid education in law with essential training that will help you become an expert in international affairs. Starting in the first year, you will combine subjects from the Bachelor in Law, such as Fundamentals of Criminal Law and Theory of Crime, with subjects from the Bachelor in Global Governance, such as Globalisation and International Organisations, which are taught entirely in English.

Languages and transnational training will play an ever-larger role as the programme progresses. In the fifth year, you will begin your specialisation in a particular region of the world: Asia, Maghreb and the Middle East, Latin America, or three Commonwealth countries (United Kingdom, Canada and Australia). In the second year, you will choose one of two specialisation tracks – Global Economics or Global Politics – in order to focus your global-governance studies on the area that interests you the most.

Learn the fundamentals of law and globalisation

Educational focus: You will lay the groundwork for your legal knowledge and begin your training in international economics and geopolitics. Over the summer, you’ll have your first international experience by taking part in a summer programme in either Boston or New York.

Experiential focus: You’ll become familiar with exams, faculty and new ways of studying... but you’ll also have lots of great experiences by joining student associations and immersing yourself in ESADE’s intense university life. Finally, the summer programme will give you a chance to spend two or three weeks in one of the world’s most exciting cities and discover what it’s like to study at a prestigious American university.

Delve into various areas of law and learn the basics of international relations

Educational focus: You will delve deeper into various areas of law, including civil, criminal, tax, commercial, procedural and administrative law. You will also start your training in international relations and begin your specialisation track: either Global Politics or Global Economics. You will also have various experiences outside of ESADE: participating in a study tour in Madrid, studying politics in Paris and taking part in your second summer programme in Philadelphia (USA).

Experiential focus: You’ll really start to settle in. By now you’ll be familiar with the programme and know how to get the most out of your studies and campus life. The international experiences will allow you to enjoy life on other campuses and meet students from other countries. 

Consolidate your legal training and dip into international politics

Educational focus: You will consolidate your legal and economic education. You’ll kick-start your geopolitical education with a study tour in the EU city par excellence: Brussels. You’ll also have the option of completing some of your subjects in Boston, and over the summer you’ll have the chance to travel to Singapore or New York for your third summer programme.

Experiential focus: Students tend to get more deeply involved in associations and in organising activities related to their academic interests. This year also provides an opportunity to experience the cultural contrast and pace of life in one of the nerve centres of world trade: either Singapore or New York.

First contact with the professional world and knowledge of global transactions

Educational focus: You will delve into the legal, political and economic rules that govern global economic transactions. You’ll also have the option of taking part in an international solidarity internship in a developing country through the University Development Service. Also this year, you’ll have the chance to choose the destination for your optional fifth-year semester abroad as well as the geographical region that you will specialise in. Finally, you will complete your final project for the Bachelor in Law, which will require you to apply your knowledge in various areas of law in order to solve a real-life problem.

Experiential focus: Through a solidarity internship overseas, you will learn about the everyday routines of your profession, tackle new challenges and develop your knowledge, all while having enriching experiences that no classroom could ever provide. 

Study abroad and specialise in a particular region

Educational focus: For your geographical specialisation, you will spend the first semester of the fifth year abroad at a university in your chosen region. In the second half of the year, you will have the option of extending your international experience with an optional semester abroad at one of the world’s top universities. You will also do a professional internship at an international organisation and complete the final project for the Bachelor in Global Governance.

Experiential focus: While studying abroad for up to two semesters, you will have academic and personal experiences that you will remember forever: making new friends, living on a new campus in a different country, immersing yourself in another culture, learning about different ways of studying, etc.