Professional profile

Be a jurist with management training. Be an executive with legal training.

The professional profile that you will attain on completion of the Double Degree in Business Administration and Law will open up opportunities in both worlds and allow you to make a difference at companies and law firms all over the world. If you pursue a career in the business world, your legal training will be a bonus that will help you make good decisions and develop business strategies. If you pursue a career in the world of law, your business training will allow you to provide guidance in language that corporate clients can understand, thanks to your in-depth understanding of how they work and the challenges they face.

In addition, you’ll have language skills, a professional track record and international experiences, as well as a series of additional abilities, such as leadership and communication skills, developed throughout the programme.

This will be your professional profile

  • Bachelor in Business Administration + Bachelor in Law

    with all the prestige that an ESADE education affords in the business and legal worlds

  • Languages

    English + mastery of business English and legal English + French, German or Mandarin Chinese

  • International experience

    Accredited by the university where you studied abroad and by CTLS and Georgetown (if you participated in the summer programmes)

  • Professional experience

    Recognised by the company or law firm where you did your internship

  • Contacts in both worlds

    Faculty, classmates in Spain and abroad, and the ESADE Alumni network

  • Experience working on a solidarity project

    If you do a solidarity internship with the SUD

  • Specialisation master

    If you complete the Master in Legal Practice + Specialisation Master or MSc in Management

  • Skills and competencies

    That make the difference in job recruitment processes

Skills that will make you stand out in the professional world

Your Double Degree will not be the only thing that sets you apart in selection processes. You’ll also have skills and competencies that are highly valued by corporate recruiters and law firms, so you’ll have an edge over other professionals. In fact, an ESADE education is often an added bonus for your CV: the high level of competencies acquired by ESADE students is well known in business and legal circles.

Your skills

Decisiveness: Decision-making experience.

Communication and public-speaking: Ability to present your arguments and cases in public effectively.

Ability to work hard and take on responsibilities.

Negotiation, mediation and conflict management skills.

Leadership and teamwork skills.

Proactivity: Ability to interact, take initiative and launch projects.

Competency model

Creativity and innovation: Ability to initiate or manage change.

Flexibility and adaptability: Capacity to adapt positively to situations and settings.

Strength and resilience: Challenges won’t frighten you, and you’ll be able to work under pressure.

Self-knowledge: Awareness of your abilities and how to bring out the best in yourself at any time.

Social commitment: At ESADE, we train professionals with values who make sure their organisations assume social responsibility.