Learning by Doing

Learning by doing in the Bachelor in Law

ESADE’s Bachelor in Law is based on a practical and experiential methodology that allows you to a acquire legal training by applying the law. Law exists in order to resolve conflicts. That’s why we use an innovative methodology that enables you to:

  • Active classes

    Working in small groups with a participatory approach, you’ll cover all sorts of legal issues and topics of current interest in the world of law. Interaction with your classmates and instructors will be constant.

  • Solving real-life cases

    In class, you will debate and solve real-life legal cases provided by law firms and the legal departments of multinational corporations. You’ll analyse the situation and discuss possible solutions, applying knowledge acquired in class and legal reasoning, which allows you to make logical legal arguments without having to memorise every law...

  • Court simulations

    ESADE has a simulated courtroom equipped with a recording system like the ones used in real-life courts. You’ll be able to watch – and simulate – pretrial hearings and trial proceedings in a variety of cases.

  • Research projects

    You’ll learn how to efficiently search for information, manage your sources, and decide what information is essential for your strategy or legal argument.

  • Teamwork

    At ESADE, we encourage teamwork – the usual system of work in the professional world. You’ll learn to work in a group toward a common objective.

  • Developing competencies

    Over the course of the programme, you’ll work on fundamental skills and competencies that every lawyer needs today: communication, public speaking, leadership, negotiation, teamwork, etc.

Educational experiences outside the classroom

During the programme, you will also have the opportunity to participate in various legal experiences outside the classroom, such as international moot court competitions and debate leagues.

These experiences will allow you to work like a real lawyer and acquire competencies that can only be developed on the job. Certain lessons can only be learned by preparing cases, facing other jurists before a judge, arguing, rebutting, preparing documentation, etc.

Debate leagues

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International moot court competitions

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