Bachelor in Law Syllabus

Law + Economics/business background + Specialisation

The ESADE Bachelor in Law curriculum combines a solid education in Law with complementary courses in Economics and Business Administration, allowing you to successfully navigate today’s globalised world. From the very outset of the programme, you’ll combine Law classes with others in subjects such as Economics and Accounting.

The programme also offers different legal specialisation tracks. Each track includes a group of optional subjects, which you can choose with complete flexibility. You can take all the subjects from a single track, if you wish to focus on just that area of law, or take optional subjects from various tracks to custom-design your own specialisation. 

All subjects are taught using a practical methodology. Some will consist exclusively in solving a case involving several areas of law. These include the 360° Legal Project, a macro case that you will start during your first year and continue to work on until your third, and your fourth-year final degree project, for which you will need to apply all the knowledge you have acquired throughout the programme to solve and present a public or private law case.

Your syllabus

First year

Introduction to Law and its context


In the first year, you will lay the groundwork and consolidate your knowledge of the tools that will help you present legal arguments and understand the law. In addition, you will begin taking subjects with an economic-business focus and start the 360° Legal Project. You will also choose the first optional subjects that will define your specialised training.



This is an intense year, full of new challenges, in which you will become familiar with exams, faculty and new study methods. It is also a year full of great experiences outside the classroom. Join one of the many student associations and immerse yourself in ESADE’s exciting student life.

First academic year subjects

Second year

Immersion in different areas of Law


In the second year, you will discover and explore various areas of law in depth: civil, criminal, tax, commercial, procedural and administrative law. This new knowledge will enrich the 360° Legal Exercise, as you will apply what you learn about these new areas of law to the case. Some of the subjects included in the curriculum will be taught in English, and you will gain your first insights into international law with subjects such as European Union Law. You will also begin to study a second foreign language (French or German), and you’ll take new optional subjects from the specialisation tracks. This year, you can also join the Esade Mooters team and participate in International Moot Courts (mock trials).



This is the year you settle in to the programme. You’ll already be familiar with the programme and the university and you’ll know how to make the most of your studies and life on campus. Participating in the Moot Courts will enrich you at both the educational and personal levels: You’ll learn to work proactively and as a member of a team and you’ll compete against students from other universities and countries. You’ll also learn to interact comfortably in trials and simulations before panels of practicing attorneys and judges.

Second academic year subjects

Third year

Initial contact with the professional world


The third-year curriculum is designed to consolidate your legal education. You will take new subjects in English and strengthen your knowledge of legal English. Additionally, this year includes the Practicum, for which you will visit real law firms to see how lawyers work first-hand and you will finish your 360º Legal Project . You will also do your compulsory internship at a law firm or in the legal department of a top company.



This year, students tend to become more involved in student associations and in organising activities related to their professional interests. Organising activities provides you with experience for the future that companies tend to value highly. It is also the year in which your connection to the professional world becomes more tangible: doing an internship is an extremely enriching step forward, both educationally and personally.

Third academic year subjects

Fourth year

Specialisation and exchange programme


In your fourth year, you will choose a specialisation for your final degree project: Public Law (tax, criminal or administrative law) or Private Law (civil or commercial law). If you wish, you can also spend a semester abroad at one of the world’s top 51 law schools. Additionally, you will participate in workshops organised by Esade Careers to begin to define your future career path. Finally, you will have to present your final degree project, orally and in writing. To do this, you will need to apply your knowledge of different areas of law to solve a real-life problem in your chosen area of specialisation (public or private law).



In your fourth year, you will take a giant leap forward, both personally and professionally. Studying abroad for six months means making new friends, studying on a new campus, and learning about a different culture. It is a life and educational experience that you will always remember. This is also the year in which you will prepare to join the professional world. You’ll learn how to prepare your candidature, how to comfortably navigate job interviews and recruitment processes and how to communicate your strengths. You will also establish contacts with the numerous law firms that visit Esade for the recruitment events organised by Esade Careers.

Fourth academic year subjects

With all the guarantees of the Professional Council

ESADE Law School is the only one in Spain with a Professional Council, a body consisting of representatives from distinguished national and international law firms as well as public prosecutors, registrars, notary publics, etc. These practicing professionals all help to design the ESADE Bachelor in Law curriculum to ensure that it meets the real demands of today’s professional reality.