Add value to your professional profile

The Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order offers you an added specialisation in Global Politics or Global Economics. This expertise will allow you to jumpstart your international career by offering a clear differential value:

  • If you choose the Global Economics track, you will acquire the skills and tools you need to perform an economic analysis of any case or of the countries involved.

  • If you choose the Global Politics track, you will acquire knowledge of public and private organisations and the interplay of economic and political forces. You will be able to tackle cases, applying this expertise to international dispute management.

Broaden your career horizons

The level of specialisation offered by the Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order will open a wide range of doors for you. In addition to career opportunities in international governance, you will be able to leverage the differential value of your specialisation in political science or economics.

Careers in Global Economics

> Expert economic analyst

> Consultant on international projects

> Investment banking advisor

> Economic research and analysis centres

> Multinational companies

> Economic regulators (European Union, IMF, etc.)

Careers in Global Politics

> Consultant on international political affairs

> Political science research centres

> Advisor at political analysis organisations or European Union institutions

> Multinational organisations