Global Governance + Specialisation in Politics or Economics + Specialisation in a geographical area

The curriculum of the Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order combines a set of multidisciplinary subjects (including economics, geopolitics, and international law) that are essential to address the socio-political, economic, and legal issues facing governments and organisations worldwide. In the second year, you will start your specialisation track in either global politics or global economics, which will set the orientation of your degree. You will receive significant language training every year of the course, and you will be able to participate in international experiences such as the summer programmes and study abroad.

In the fourth year, you will travel abroad to develop your expertise in a geographical area, undertake work experience in organisations and institutions related to your track, and present your final dissertation.

Your syllabus

First year

Foundation in Law, Economics, and Geopolitics

In the classroom: In the first year you will learn the foundations of the three subjects you will be studying during your degree course: international law; economics; and political science. In the summer you can live your first international experience with the summer programme in a prestigious law school in Boston or New York.

At the experiential level: This is an intense year, full of new challenges, in which you will become familiar with exams, the lecturers, and new forms of study. But it is also a year full of great experiences outside the classroom: you can join student associations and immerse yourself in the intense Esade campus life.

Subjects of the first year

Second year

Choose your track: Global Politics or Economics

In the classroom: In the second year, you must decide on your specialisation. If you choose the global economics track, you start studying your major subjects such as international economics, mathematical analysis, or statistics applied to the economy. If you choose the global politics track, then you will study subjects such as international development or international conflict management. You can participate in the second summer programme, this time at Penn Law University in Philadelphia, USA.

At the experiential level: This is your familiarisation year. You are already familiar with the degree course, and you know how to get the most out of your studies and campus life. 

Subjects of the second year

Third year

Governance of institutions in greater depth

In the classroom: With the knowledge already acquired, it is time to focus on what governance of institutions means: you will study the challenges of international law, the role of financial markets in the economy, national politics, and international security; as well as the interrelation between economics and law.  You will continue with your language training, and you can have your third summer programme at Singapore Management University or Columbia University in New York. You can also carry out international solidarity work in a South American country through the SUD programme.

At the experiential level: This is usually the year in which students become the most involved in associations and activities connected with their career interests. Organising such activities gives you experience for the future, and is usually highly valued by institutions and organisations.

Subjects of the third year

Fourth year

Geographic specialisation and first contact with the professional world

In the classroom: This is the moment to open to the world with a unique experience: in the first semester you will travel abroad for your specialisation. On returning from this experience, you will have the chance to apply what you have learned during your professional work experience and in your final degree dissertation.

At the experiential level: The fourth year is a very intense year in experiences, both at a personal and educational level. Studying for a semester abroad will enable you to acquire life and academic experiences that you will always remember: new friends; living in a new campus and country; learning another culture and other ways to study. The final degree dissertation is a very motivating challenge that will enable you to apply all the knowledge and skills you have acquired.

Subjects of the fourth year

* Optional summer programmes not included in the cost of the Bachelor in Law and Bachelor in Global Governance. Stays abroad and the curriculum are updated for printing purposes. Esade reserves the right to change the content in the interests of continuous improvement of the programme. The information provided is correct at the time of publication. Esade reserves the right to make changes to it.