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In ESADE’s Bachelor programmes, you can complement the official curriculum with additional content, have experiences in other countries, learn languages, do professional internships, and develop skills like communication and leadership. Whichever programme you choose, you’ll stand out in the professional world.

Choose your degree and set yourself apart

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) *

    Business administration + specialisation in marketing, finance, human resources and digital innovation = the path to follow to become a global business leader

    Bilingual or 100% in english

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  • Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order *

    International Governance + Geopolitics + International Law + Economics: Become an expert in international affairs

    100% in english

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  • Bachelor in Law *

    Law + economic-business vision + specialisation in public or private law + legal skills = the training you need to become the lawyer of the future


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  • Double Degree in Law * + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order *

    Law + geopolitics + international economics + regional specialisation = the surest bet to pursue an international career


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  • Double Degree in Business Administration * and Law *

    Business administration + law + languages + international experience = the training you need to become a premium professional


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* Official Programme. More information

Why choose one of ESADE’s Bachelor programmes?

Key aspects that set our graduates apart

  • Comprehensive training

    Official curriculum + additional content and experiences.

  • Languages

    English + subjects taught 100% in English + French or German + Mandarin Chinese, Arabic or Portuguese.

  • Professional internships

    At companies, law firms and world-class institutions in Spain or abroad.

  • Experiences in other countries

    Semester-long exchange + summer courses + study abroad + University Development Service solidarity projects.

  • Experiential learning: learning by doing

    Solving real-life cases + legal or business simulations + international competitions.

  • Training in skills and competencies

    Negotiation + communication + innovation + public speaking + teamwork + leadership.


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    University in Law master's degree in Spain, El Mundo 2018

  • #1

    In Career Progress worldwide - Financial Times 2017

  • #8

    European Business School - Financial Times 2017

In the students’ own words – Inspiring Stories

At ESADE, we believe in the inspirational power of people. Each year, our students show us just how far they can go, not just in their education at ESADE but also – and especially – in their eagerness to transform the world. Be inspired by their stories.

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