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PhD in Management Sciences

Programme structure

Programme structure

PhD Programme structure

You will initially be registered for an MRes, which comprises the specialized research coursework of the PhD. An acacemic committee assesses all students for transfer to the PhD in accordance with three criteria: academic records of the candidate, research skills demonstrated during the MRes and the match between the candidate research interests and ESADE's lines of research. There is a specific process of direct registration as PhD for students who have already an MRes or another type of clearly research oriented Master. 

Year 1 (MRes)

The Master of Research in Management Science program is structured in four modules
Module 1: Introduction to Management Research Methods
Module 2: Research Design in Management Sciences
Module 3: Advanced Management Research
Module 4: Writing and Defence of Master Thesis
Please check here for further details on each module

Year 2

> Electives

> Research Seminars

> Research assistant/ Teaching Assistant

> Preparation of a paper to be submitted to a conference and/or a journal

> Research proposal preparation and submission

Year 3

> Research Seminars

> Research assistant/ Teaching Assistant

> Preparation of a paper to be submitted to a conference and/or a journal

> Thesis preparation

> DAD (Doctoral Report) file preparation and submission

Year 4

> Research Seminars

> Research assistant/Teaching assistant

> Preparation of papers to be submitted to a conference and/or a journal

> DAD (Doctoral Report) file update and submission

> Thesis preparation, submission and defense


Advanced Research Seminars. October - June

Seminars oriented towards advanced topics in specific research fields. Interactive sessions organized by research groups, research chairs, or research institutes. PhD candidates must enroll and participate in at least one of the seminars.

PhD Advanced Research Seminars

Judgement & Decisions in the Marketplace (JUICE
Coord. Dr. Skander Esseghaier

Business Network Dynamics (BuNeD
Coord. Dr. Annachiara Longoni

Economics and Finance (GREF
Coord. Dr. Giulia Redigolo and Dr. Pedro Rey

Institute for Innovation and Knowledge (IIK
Coord. Dr. Ivanka Visnjic

Leadership Development Research Centre (GLEAD
Coord. Dr. Joan Manuel Batista

Leadership and Innovation in Public Management (GLIPGP
Coord. Dr. Angel Saz

Social Issues in Management (IIS
Coord. Dr. Maja Tampe and Dr. Tobias Hahn

ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI
Coord. Dr. Lisa Hehenberger

PhD seminars on advanced topics proposed for this academic year 18 - 19 include:

PhD seminar on Open Innovation and Open Business Models 
Coord. Henry Chesbrough and Wim Vanhaverbeke

PhD seminar on Developing A-papers

PhD seminar on Publication Strategy

PhD seminar on Teaching

PhD seminar on Causal Inference: Mediation/Moderation Analysis

PhD seminar on Quantitative Methods (to be determined)

PhD seminar on Thematic Analysis

PhD seminar on Qualitative Methods: Meta-Analysis

More info about optional seminars:

Pilar Gallego
Programme Manager, PhD in Management Sciences