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Luxury, Fashion and Retail Goods

Luxury, Fashion and Retail Goods Club

Who we are:

Introduce MBA students to the world of luxury, fashion and retail providing holistic view of the business

A place to grow, innovate, collaborate and leverage the ESADE network in the luxury, fashion and retail industry, partnering together with companies and alumni for the benefit of the current and future members.

The board

  • Juan Sebastian Ramírez


    1.5 years as Shoes and Accesories Product Manager

    2.5 years as Corporate and Investment Banking Analyst

    Languages: Spanish (native), English (fluent), German (fluent)

  • Sandra Velasquez
    Careers VP

    2 years as Business Analyst in FMCG Companies

    3 years Innovations and Project Coordinator in Energy Industry

    Languages: Spanish (native), English (fluent)

  • Maria Luisa Romero
    Communication and Media VP

    3 years in Marketing in FMCG

    3.5 years in Operations in the Fragances and Cosmetics Industry

    Languages: Spanish (native), English (fluent), Portuguese (fluent)

  • Guido Pansera
    Finance VP

    3.5 years as Financial Services Consultant

    Languages: Italian (native), English (fluent)

  • Henry Chen
    Events VP

    5 years as Supply Chain Specialist in Chemical Industry

    Languages: Mandarin (native), Cantonese (native), English (fluent)

What we do:

Introduce MBA students to the world of fashion, luxury and retail providing a holistic view of the business.  

Experienced guest speakers.
Live Q&A sessions with industry experts via videoconference. 
 Visits to company headquarters.
Store visits to understand how companies work to create the best customer experience. 
 Great networking events such as the Luxury Career Fair held this year at ESADE.

Career Support
We promote career opportunities through the careers team and actively search for other options according to the needs of the members. If you are new to the industry, we will be your support to enter this field.

Why you should join us:

If you want to learn and grow professionally in an industry which is dynamic, creative and challenging you should join the Luxury, Fashion and Retail Goods Club.

The opportunities for MBA candidates are growing in the industry and if you like fast moving industries, this is the correct club to choose.

Luxury is related with unique experiences. Be part of a unique club and discover interesting opportunities for you during your MBA experience.

Companies we have worked with: