Entrepreneurship Club

Who we are:

The Entrepreneurship Club is one of the biggest and most active clubs at ESADE. Club members consist of students that have previously run their own companies as well as many who think they might want to get involved in entrepreneurship in the future. 


President: Konrad Kennedy
VP Startups: Rosina Garcia
VP Search Funds: Diego Alfageme
VP Venture Capital: Carlos Sosa Gimenez
VP Family Business: Aloysio Frugoni
VP Finance: Monique Villalobos
VP Strategic Development & Collaboration: Avenia Lalla
VP Marketing & Communication: Michael Maw

What do we do:

We give members the knowledge, network and experience needed to launch a startup, acquire & operate an existing business, raise funding from venture capital, or work for a startup! Club members get exclusive access world-class entrepreneurs through our company visits, treks and speaker series. Additionally, we create and host hands-on workshops where members gain real experience within our three areas of focus:
> Startups
> Venture Capital
> Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (Search Funds)

Why should you join us:

Join the Entrepreneurship club if you have ever dreamed of opening your own business or want to work around the excitement of early stage high growth companies.  

Below are just a few events that club members have access to:

> Learn how to buy and run a multi-million dollar company when you graduate by launching your own search fund.
> Work with real VCs to help qualify deals in their pipeline.
> Panels, lectures and hands on sessions with talented entrepreneurs.
> Workshops on how to raise money from investors.
> The First 100 Days - Startup Competition Series.
> International treks to visit high growth companies.
> Networking events with entrepreneurs and students from other schools.
> Work with local organizations and career services to help students find Internships and full time - opportunities in start-ups and vc’s.
> Visits to local startup companies and incubators.
> Bi-weekly newsletter with entrepreneurship events in Barcelona and club updates.